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group-blind-dates-would-you-go-3Group blind dates are a growing trend. Would you go on a group blind date? Here is what you need to know.

There is something to be said about having friends with you when going on a blind date. Group blind dates are growing in popularity at a rapid rate. Taking two friends along to meet people you don't know is more of a comfort and less of a risk. Here are the details on how to set up a group blind date.

Many of us in the dating scene could exchange stories of horrible blind dates that friends set us up on with good intentions. Yet now, we have a new option: group blind dates.

Grouper and Group Blind Dates

group-blind-dates-would-you-go-1Grouper, a company that started in 2011 because it's founder was getting over a breakup, has set out to reduce traditional social media match-ups and involve friends also looking for dates. The start-up company is now in 20 cities and climbing. The company's aim is to stop loneliness and find a perfect match. Here is how Grouper works.

  • After you have signed up for Grouper, they will look at your Facebook profile and compare it against other Grouper members. From there they will match you with your blind date. Grouper looks at your interests and likes, friendship list (so they don't set you up with one of your friends), places that you frequent and other relevant information. 

  • You can invite two friends along, and your blind date will do the same. Grouper includes Gay and Lesbian group dates.

  • Grouper will choose the time, place, and will make reservations. All you need to do is show up. Your blind date will be given the same information. Your first drink is free.

  • There is even an iPhone app for Grouper that provides on demand service and can match you and your friends in less than an hour.

It should be noted that you will be given no information about the blind date.  The cost of the group blind date is $20 per person.

There are other companies out there that specialize in group blind dates as well; a quick online search will bring those up.

Have you been on a group blind date? Would you try it? Let us know on Facebook or Tweet us!


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