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What Kinds of Herbs are Good for Pets

Cats and dogs are most often considered members of the family, so, as a family member, shouldn't a pet dog or cat be entitled to a healthy way of life just like its human owner? Of course!

Just like pet owners, pets need herbal formulas.  Pets do well with organic foods and even herbal alternative medicine to cure conditions and promote healthy organ functions as well as maintain healthy hair and skin.  Pets also require these very same herbs for similar reasons.  And because pets need their veggies too, it's important to know what herbs are the best herbs for your pets.

On the lighter side, there are a number of natural pet products that can be grown right at home and safely given to pets with proper preparation and in the appropriate amounts.  Not only is growing veggies for pets something the entire family can participate in it's also fun to grow them right in the family garden.  Many herbs work interchangably for pets and people. So create your own indoor pet herb garden ideas and choose the best herbs for you and your pet.

Take the Chia Indoor herbal garden kit which comes complete with pots, soil and six different herbal seed to get started.  This is an ideal family project that even the kids would enjoy. Just consider all the benefits pet cats and dogs will get by mixing up a few homegrown herbal pet remedies.  They will be worth more than you think in terms of prevention, when you consider those outrageous veterinary or grooming bills.

There are all sorts of different pet herbs that can be used for a specific cure or multiple purpose herbs that are good for a number of pet conditions and even entertainment.  Catnip is herbs for cats, and while cats get down right rambunctious when coming within a few feet of the stuff, cat owners are in for loads of laughter simply watching their pet cat lose its mind in folly.

On the other hand pet cats also have more serious conditions like feline urinary track infections that can be treated by herbs.  Most often veterinarians will suggest a simple change in diet and giving the cat more water as the best and most natural herbal treatment. But only if the condition is caught early on. There are also commercial herb formulas that can treat more extreme cases of Feline UTI.

Did you know that there are diet herbs for dogs!  Just when you thought you've heard it all.  Herbal diet supplements for overweight dogs takes the cake, hands down.  Whatever happened to taking the dog out for a walk?   But that's not all, what about a peppermint and rosemary dog herbal dip for fleas and hot spot control.

On a more serious note, here is something to consider when giving pets herbs. Even though pets can benefit from herbal treatments like humans, the dosage has to be much smaller and administered properly according to instructions.  Administering herbal supplements to pets can be tricky, sometimes quite stressful and/or painful if administered improperly, therefore learning the right form of administration is critical.

Check out all the types of administration methods to give medicine, vitamins and herbs to pets before attempting it on your own.  Consider this; herbs come in pet teas, skin lineaments, liquid drops or pills for oral administration and in food or water; however some forms are much better than others when it comes to giving herbs to pets.

The problem with all these methods, however, is getting a cat or dog to take these forms without a fuss.  But with proper instructions finding the easiest method will be simple and safe.  Call you local vet to determine the best possible method after seeking information by researching the net or your local library.

Another thing to consider is certain herbal formulas contain alcohol like several herbal tinctures or herbs mixed with salicylic acid (aspirin), acetaminophen (Tylenol) or chocolate, which is very bad for dogs.  Tylenol, and other human pain medications should not be given to animals.  Some medications are ok, but not before first consulting with a veterinarian, of course!

In the final analysis, whether herbs for cats and dogs are used for serious conditions, like arthritis, cancer, tumors etc, or for entertainment and grooming; you will find them to be safer and cheaper than their parmaceutical substitutions.

Without a doubt, pets are family members too! When you really think about it, herbs for cats and dogs don't sound that far fetched.  If pets can have the same conditions as humans then why not provide them with the same safe herbal care and treatment as well.

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