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Guys Dressed as Girls for Halloween

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guys-dressed-as-girls-for-halloweenLet's Face It- Men Just Want to Have Fun!

No matter how often we see it, it seems we never tire of the one day a year when our guys go rummaging through our underwear and hose drawers for the perfect feminine adornment. Oh no! That's our song!

Who knows what secret fantasies lurk within the minds of those guys dressed as girls for Halloween. It's a great learning opportunity, especially for the dudes who hurl lewd comments and feel uncomfortable around transvestites, cross-dressers or gay men every other day of the year. And they say that we women are hard to understand.  Just try to figure out a man dressed as a woman.

Men Who Love to Dress as Women for Halloween

If you are one of those gals who is really tired of him choosing the "girly" costume, or if this year you simply want your man to do the manly thing, then take the reins early on. Get out that gorgeous sexy pirate outfit and look him straight in the eye and say "Ahoy me matey! I see you lookin' at me treasure chest!" Then throw him his costume for the evening and take your sword and tease him with it by running it from his groin all the way up to his chin and tell him he'd best be gettin' dressed if he wants to see your buried treasure!

Scare that dude right out of his transvestite stripper costume!

But if that dear man of yours just begs to wear girl's clothes for Halloween, make sure you record it in photo and film and have a good laugh! Explaining Daddy to Billy could be fun, after all. Frilly pink dresses, wigs, heels, jewelry, makeup, sexy lingerie and so on that make a great inexpensive impromptu guys dressing up as girls Halloween costume.

But, if your man really wants to get dressed up in girl's Halloween gear this season, maybe he should go for a tight white nurse's uniform, a skimpy air-hostess uniform or a hot devil with a pitchfork wearing red stretchy lycra!

It could be much worse. He could be totally obnoxious and choose something like my guy chose last year: A free breathalyzer test (for girls only) Halloween costume that has a blow tube conveniently located in the crotch area with a sign showing the ladies just where to put their lips.

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