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Four months have passed since the actress announced her split from husband Chris Martin. 

And it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow has officially moved on by dating Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk. Paltrow appeared on Glee from time to time since since 2010 as Holly Holliday. Things reportedly started off professionally but progressively got steamier between the 41-year-old actress and the 43-year-old Glee executive producer. Seems to be another McKinley High romance! 

Sources say the two recently were spotted having a romantic and flirty dinner in Los Angeles and then jetted off for a dreamy getaway in July to Utah. Paltrow and Chris Martin, 38 and the lead vocalist of Coldplay, had been married for 10 years before their recent split in March. The two met in 2002 and were married in 2003. They have two children together, Apple and Moses. 

Sources say Paltrow and Martin have remained friendly since their "conscious uncoupling" and the Coldplay singer said in a few interviews that the two are still "friends" and "very close." Surprisingly, since their split, the two have been seen out and about together on several occasions - both with their children and without.

Paltrow and her new man Falchuk have also been spotted together on numerous dates and sources say that two are very close and seem to enjoy each other’s company. The relationship is laced with controversy though.

Vanity Fair reportedly was going to run an expose about Gwyneth Paltrow, potentially a story that she was cheating on Chris Martin. The mag did end up running a story on the actress but it was softened after she went about Hollywood defaming the outlet, telling her high-list friends to never work with or do anything for it again. There were plenty of gossip columns outside of VF that alleged Paltrow had cheated on Marin with various men, including Falchuk.

Falchuk also recently got out of a marriage. He was married for 10 years and his wife Suzanne filed for divorce in March 2013. The exes share a daughter and son. 

Makes us wonder if things between Paltrow and Falchuk started earlier and less professionally than they're letting out...

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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