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There has been a recent study released by the University of South Florida of a technological advancement that will be actually able to detect ovarian cancer in the very early stages of the fatal disease.

Ovarian Cancer Test-New Hope

Ovarian cancer claims the life of over 15,000 women each and every year The good news is that this disease actually has a 90% cure rate if it is detected early enough and, it is still contained within in the Ovaries. However, once the disease has begun to spread to other parts of the body the long term survival rate actually drops to a shocking 30%.

Another sad fact about Ovarian cancer news is that is most often a very aggressive disease. Also the diagnosis of this fatal disease is only at 20% during the early stages. In knowing this when there is new research that may prove a new preventive and also early treatment options come along such as the case of USF it is bound to get the oncological doctors and researchers very excited. A lso even those that are at an extremely high risk of contracting the disease are very excited.

This unique treatment will be able to help a large variety of women gain access to early detection. Right now the USF is in the process of gaining nationwide patents for a early detection test that consists of a simple urine test. This unique and revolutionary test will be able to detect cancer in its earliest stages that most generally does not present symptoms until the cancer has actually entered into the more deadlier stages of the disease.

The unseen symptoms of ovarian cancer are most generally the symptoms that have labeled this disease as a silent killer. They have also stated that a test for ovarian cancer that has a higher reliability rate, is easy to use, and can detect cancer in the early stages will actually have the ability to save thousands of womens lives each year. Although ovarian cancer is one of the most deadliest forms of cancer to date it does have a high cure rate if it is caught within the early stages.

Presently the only test that is used to detect ovarian cancer is a CA-125 blood test. Most generally this test is used to track the progression of the disease in a patient. This is a test that is most generally taken with transvaginal sonography, pelvic exams, and other types of tests that help determine what the current stage of the disease is within the body. The new urine test has actually been through a number of different tests and have proved to be effective.

As researchers find new and more advanced treatments for the treatment of ovarian cancer more news will be released. This is definitely a topic to keep an eye on. This deadly disease kills 15,000 each year so do not become a statistic.

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