Your Style, Is Hair Highlight Chunking Right for You

The degree of difference from your overall hair color and your highlights is totally up to you. What you want, where you want it, how you want to do it, is all up to you. But we can give you a few pointers about what might look the best for you.

Hair highlights have been around for a very long time. The changes in the hair products available have made it easier and easier for do-it-yourselfer highlighters to highlight their own hair but let's start with the easiest way to get your hair highlighted...going to the beauty salon. At the salon they can suggest the highlight color best for you. They will help you decide where to place it, how much you should cover your hair with highlights and will keep you from getting all sorts of color on your new white shirt. However, salons cost money and these days a lot of people are looking for ways to save money so let's have our own hair highlight gallery and tips to help you do it yourself if you want to.

There are a couple rules of thumb for most people highlighting their hair. In most cases you want to pick a color that is only a few shades off your overall hair color. Dark hair with highlights will usually go for dark blond or caramel colors to accent their hair. Blond hair with highlights usually goes darker blond or light brown. These are just the norm, it doesn't mean it's right for you. It is most important that you like the color that you highlight your hair with, additionally you want to look good, so choose wisely.

There are many ways to add hair highlights. For short hair the easiest way is to buy the highlighting kits that have the cap with holes in it. In this case you also get a hook and brush. You start by putting on a really old shirt and Vaseline around your hairline.  You mix the ingredients and read all the instructions and then get started. It is best to highlight dry, dirty hair.

The oil in your hair is beneficial to this process. Then you start pulling hair through the holes in the cap. Most people opt to pull hair through every other hole; some people go every third hole it is really up to you and how much highlighting you want. You pull the hair through all around the cap and then you get the brush. With the brush your thoroughly cover all the hair you have pulled through the cap. You then wait the allotted amount of time and wash it out and you're done. Sound simple? It is.

For longer hair you usually will not use the cap instead you will have a kit with a coloring brush that you use to pass the brush through the hair you wish to highlight by first applying the highlight color to the brush and then pulling the brush through your hair. It is a bit more time consuming and takes a bit more planning; it is relatively simple as well. You might want to have someone help you if your hair is very long since it might be hard to pull the brush/color all the way through.

Additionally you can highlight your hair using foils. In this method you use a piece of cardboard and hair foils. You place the cardboard down, put the foil on top of it and then pull the hair you wish to highlight over the foil. You then highlight the hair with the brush and fold the foil on top of itself to keep the hair and color in place and move to the next foil. This method is also for medium to short hair and not longer hair.

These are just a few ideas on how you can highlight your own hair. There are plenty of ways that you can do it yourself that can be fun and fulfilling. Sometimes it might not come out exactly as planned but that goes with the territory. The good news is, if it is absolutly not what you want, you can always redo it or have someone else do it for you. So try it, you might surprise yourself with how well you can do your own hair highlights.

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