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Halloween Cutouts

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Halloween Cutouts

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas that Save Cash and are Fun to Make

Football has returned to the fabled gridiron. People are beginning to anticipate the change in season and the return of the changing leaf colors all over the Northern Hemisphere. Fall brings a multitude of attitudes and feelings that are not present the rest of the year. The smell of wood smoke permeates the air, the first frosts and even snows cover the landscape, and Halloween costume purveyors litter strip malls.

Getting Crafty with Halloween Cutouts

When people start to consider most autumn holidays (Thanksgiving is really in the winter) they determine whether they should go all out or try to stifle their creative spirit in the interest of financial concerns. But, there are some cost saving alternatives that could save some major money and give your house that traditional spooky Halloween look. Halloween cutouts may be the way to go instead of other Halloween decorations that may add pressure to an already tight budget.

A good place to start is to research magazines, websites, catalogues, spooky books or anything with that would have Halloween imagery and to bookmark your favorite shapes that would look good as decorations. There are also a lot of children's Halloween websites with tons of things to print out that would work for this project. Remember that simple is usually better in this case since it's the Halloween stencil or shape that will be essential to the final product. The best way to make many of the Halloween cutouts, after you have printed them out, is to then get sheets of heavy construction paper to finish them off. Just take any of the Halloween shapes that you have copied, lay them on the construction paper and cut them out.

You can also cut out the middle man and just use the construction paper. For an example of a simple Halloween cutout you need colored construction paper, scissors, colored markers and glue. Oh, and don't forget the tricks to cut out simple Halloween stencils or shapes.  For a pumpkin just fold a piece of orange construction paper in half and cut a semi circle that includes most of the paper. For the top that dips down a little cut a triangle shaped wedge in the top along the connected seam. When you open it you will have a circle with an indentation in the top. You can cut whatever mouth and eyes you want with an Exacto knife.

A ghost cutout can be accomplished by folding a white piece of construction paper in half, and then cutting out half of a bell shape. Cut a wavy line along the bottom for the illusion that it is floating. This shape also works for a tombstone cut out, just use gray paper and nix the wavy line.

The witch on a broom cutout is easier when copied off of printer paper, but a bat cutout can be made with black or brown construction paper. Fold the paper in half and starting from the top make a half semicircle down to about the one third line of the paper. Then cut on a diagonal to the outside top corner. Do the same with the other side of the paper. You can add fangs and feet to the bat after you are done cutting him out.

Creativity is the key to making great Halloween cutouts and stencils. Use your imagination, involve the kids and have fun.

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