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Home Decorations Halloween Decorations to Make

Halloween Decorations to Make

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halloween-decorations-to-makeSpooky Halloween Decorations to Make Your Home Stand Out!

Of all the Halloween traditions, decorating the exterior and interior of your home or apartment has increased in popularity over the years. There are tons of cute Halloween decorations to choose from including inflatable, plastic and mechanical Halloween decorations. There are even door bells and talking door knockers to scare away ghost and goblins. However, nothing beats good old fashion homemade Halloween decorations that will make any home or party spine-chilling.

Creative Craft Ideas for Cute Halloween Decorations

Getting in the spirit of Halloween is easy and fun, especially when using cool Halloween decorations. In fact, it doesn't take much to turn your modern home into a spooky haunted house the kids will be raving about all year. All it takes is incorporating a little imagination with a few of these creative crafts ideas that you and the kids will have oodles of fun making.

Purchasing cute Halloween decorations can be somewhat expensive.  So.. unless you've accumulated Halloween decorations to make your home eerily spooky over the years, creating your own decorations could prove more economical in the end. So let's take a peek at some economical Halloween decorations to make at home using minimal store bought props.

Cheap Halloween Decorations

1. Cotton Balls

The cotton ball is the most economical material you can use to give the home that scary feel. Give the kids the project of stretching out cotton balls and tapping them to the corners of the walls. Now you've got the perfect cobwebs. Finish off the look by sticking a few plastic toy spiders in the cotton cobwebs and make the cobweb decoration frighteningly fun for guests.

2. Paper Halloween Decorations

Paper Halloween decorations are fun to create too! There are all sorts of fun paper projects you can use to make the ideal Halloween decorations and keep the kids busy at the same time. Simply go to an arts and crafts store and check out the paper crafts ideas for Halloween decorations.  Get the kid's started with creating cool Halloween mobiles like Flying Bats, ghost and jack-o-lanterns. These paper craft ideas are simple and only require construction paper, makers or crayons, wire and string. The kids can even create decorative tombstones using cardboard, markers fake blood and cotton ball cobwebs.

3. Recycle!

  • But, if you're really creative, try making homemade mummies out of pillows and old sheets.
  • Or what about floating ghost made out of old socks, Styrofoam balls and nylon string!
  • And, to really make your Halloween decorations scary try creating torn body parts by stuffing old shirt sleeves and pants legs with cotton or other material. Then attach fake mechanical hands and/or feet and a little fake blood to scare the daylights out of trick or treaters.

4. Jack-o-Lantern

Finally, no Halloween decorations would be complete without a traditional Jack-0-Lantern. There are hundreds of pumpkin carving ideas and patterns to choose from!  Plus you can have loads of fun by including a candle and a creepy voice box inside. 

For more creative and easy Halloween decorations to make your house or party standout, browse the rest of our Decorations section. Who knows... you may even luck up on some of the more expensive Halloween decorations for cheap in the process.

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