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Halloween Pun Costumes

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halloween-pun-costumesPunning for Some Fun?

Looking for a really fun Halloween costume? Why not make a Halloween pun costume? A pun costume is when you literally wear something that is a play on words for instance "Behind the Times" would be a costume whereby you tape a NY Time Newspaper across your shoulders and over your face (cut out eye holes) so that you are literally behind the Times. There are dozens of Halloween pun costumes out there.

To get you started, here are a few ideas that might make you laugh and are pretty easy to make.

Pun Halloween Costume Ideas

This year try a creative Halloween costume and make your own homemade pun costume. Now you will want to make a costume that is not all that difficult to explain when people ask (which they will...a lot), "What are you suppose to be?" The fun in pun costumes is to see the "aha" moment when people get it and understand. It is priceless. So let's think about a few options you might have:


Dress in yellow. Take eight butter wrappers and make them into cylinders so they can go over your fingers. Make sure you're clumsy the entire day so you can tell people that you are....Butterfingers.


With a copy machine or printer, make all different size 9's. Affix them to your clothes all over the place so you have them all over you. You might want to wear dressier clothes underneath but that is up to you. This will make you ...dressed to the nines.


Get an image of a tongue and attach it to a woman's slip. You probably should have pants or shorts under the slip but you will then be a...slip of the tongue


Print a large N and V in dark ink. Dress completely in green and affix the letters to your chest or back. You are then ...Green with Envy.


This one is easy. Print out a picture of a quarter. Enlarge it so it's REALLY big. Affix it to your back and you are then...a quarterback.


Tape or hang a dollar from each ear and you are a ...Buccaneer


Hang pictures of Robert DiNiro all over your clothes and you will be ...Mucho Dinero

Pun Halloween Costume Tips

  • First of all, if you need to explain it for too long, it probably isn't very funny.
  • Secondly, it shouldn't be too complicated. One or two props per costume are all you should need and if you need more, it's too hard to understand.
  • Third, almost all of these are really simple to make and will cost almost nothing so don't think you need to spend lots of money to have a funny costume.
  • And fourth, if you don't like these ideas you get the point now, think of your own and have fun with it. If you just give it a couple minutes thought you can come up with something too.
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