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Trick or treating time is right around the corner! Keep your kids safe this season with these Halloween safety tips! 

While kids are racing to get their costumes perfect before Halloween, you should be going over a Halloween safety checklist with your kids. Though they are more focused on candy than safety, it’s important for your family to take care of themselves during this holiday. Remember these safety tips before they rush out the door for candy! 

  • Supervision: Children under 12 should not go trick or treating unsupervised. There should be a parent, babysitter or older sibling with them at all times. 
  • Street Signs: If children are crossing streets, they need to be cautious. Show them how to observe and obey crosswalk signs, looking both ways, and they should always walk on a curb, grass or sidewalk when trick or treating. If might be a good idea to take a walk on the sidewalk and have someone pop out from behind a bush to cross the sidewalk in front of you to show them how hard it can be to see someone and stop.
  • Costumes: Some costumes include reflective stickers or glow-in-the-dark elements, but it doesn't hurt to add your own. Send them out trick-or-treating with bags that light up or toss glow sticks in their plastic pumpkins. Being seen isn't the only danger, costumes can cause problems if the arms or legs are too big, they become tripping hazards or if the mask limits vision, your child could get hurt. Make sure you make the adjustments to the costume before sending kids out on a candy run.  
  • Driving: If you are a driver on Halloween night, drive slowly and cautiously. Turn down streets carefully and slowly pull in and out of driveways. Generally, trick-or-treating hours are from around 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. so be cautious during this time. Older kids will be out later. 
  • Identification: Tie a tag around your child's trick or treat bag with your name, their name and your phone number in case of an emergency. 
  • Groups: If you won't be with your child the entire time, make sure he or she is with a large group and that are familiar with all the children and parents.
  • Candy: When the kids return, look at their candy. Throw out any candy that has holes or tears in the wrappers and toss any homemade items like Halloween cookies that were made by someone you or your children do not know. 

With these safety tips, you and your little ghouls and monsters can have a fun-filled Halloween without worry!   

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