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We’ve all probably been there. After a breakup, you try to tell yourself that you're completely over the other person while you're all over social media eyeing every status, tweet, and photo that person likes, comments and posts. Meanwhile, you start aggressively posting on Instagram, secretly hoping that he sees you having fun. Don’t let social media keep you from moving on. 

Social Media Post-Breakup

Once you start, you just can’t stop. Is that what you’ve been telling yourself? Well, we’re here to tell you that this is not healthy and it’s a horrible excuse to keep putting yourself through the misery. Sometimes we can’t help who and what comes into our social feeds and timelines. Yet if seeing your ex’s posts bothers you in one way or another, you can easily solve this problem in two ways. Out of sight is out of mind.

  1. Remove the individual. If you’re absolutely over it or want to be, you can remove your ex from your list of friends or followers. You will eliminate the possibility of seeing something you don’t want to or any reason to go to their profile page.
  2. Restrict what you see from the individual. By limiting your personal timeline by hiding posts from a particular person on your Facebook friends list or utilizing the mute button on Twitter, you won’t have to see anything posted by said person. If you view Twitter from the web, you may need to find a web extension or plugin to hide tweets. On Instagram, you can unfollow your ex. If they follow you and you no longer want them to, you need to block that person.

Another thing to consider is to keep your personal life person to person. Don’t share your relationship issues on social media for all to see. It’s just between you two.

Oversharing on social media is a hit or miss, so be wise with what you post, how you post it, and understand that everyone following you may see it. In the same respect, still be yourself and post when you feel comfortable.

If you just want to take a break from social media post-breakup, maybe a hiatus would be an option you want to consider before taking any other action. Use the time you'd spend browsing profiles and reposting links to start a new hobby, really hang out with friends, get a makeover, and other activities to get your mind off the old relationship! 

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