1-happily-ever-afters-desired-with-cindrella-surgeryIf the shoe doesn't fit, why not make it fit?

Cinderella reunited with her Prince Charming after trying on her perfectly-fit glass slipper. But what if her evil stepsisters had the chance to get plastic surgery to make it fit them instead? Sounds ridiculous, but this new "Cinderella surgery" that has influenced women around the U.S to get their feet altered for a pair of shoes is the new fad.

With a little bit of lengthening, shortening of toes, removal of bunions and injected fat into the soles, many women will now have the "perfect" feet to wear their heels. Since women who wear high heels get what is called the "high heel foot" (when the feet are stuck in the high heel shape) and have to get surgery for it, some plastic surgeons are trying to find solutions to alter the feet to make that perfect fit.

Surgeons are stating that the beautification of feet has become a fad amongst many females, making sure their feet are beautiful and their functions are improved when wearing heels.

Another type of foot surgery that has been popular for women is Botox injections on the balls of the feet, in order to make the shoes feel better when walking. Other surgeries include "foot facelifts," "toe tucks," "toebesity" (slimming down the fat on your toes), and foot narrowing. But now with the Cinderella surgery, customers can completely alter their entire foot to fit exactly in the pair of shoes they desire to wear.

Tough luck, Cinderella. Looks like Prince Charming will never know who you really are.

What do you think of this new plastic surgery trend?

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