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happiness-of-the-heartStudies and research have shown that being positive and upbeat can protect you against heart disease.

Believe it or not, optimistic people have half the risk of having a heart attack than those who are feeling negative and stressed. On the flip side, being angry, anxious or depressed can increase one’s risk of heart attacks. Previous work and research has shown that negative traits can even lead to damaged arteries and heart. Learn how you can improve your happiness, along with your heart health, with these tips to enhance your happiness.


Take some time to yourself to just breathe and relax. Spa days or long candlelit baths can soothe you. Relaxing workouts like yoga can calm you as well as help keep you fit and toned. A fun option for relaxation is having a “date” with yourself. Spend a day doing whatever it is you want – see a movie, walk in a park or by the beach, or shop! You deserve these little gifts to yourself and it will help you and your heart in the long run!


Simply smiling can brighten your mood and start the day off right. When you are cranky or anxious, take a minute to center yourself and smile. Just the movement of your mouth and cheeks and crinkling of the eyes can uplift your spirits.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Spending time with your friends and family can be another positive experience. To keep the stress levels low, think of an activity you all can enjoy and do easily, such as a movie night, dinner, or a walk around the neighborhood or city. Create precious memories you can appreciate long after, especially ones you can call upon in moments of strain or sadness. Double benefit!

Eat Right

Not all healthy foods have to be boring or tasteless. With the right mix of seasonings or cooking styles, you can heighten the taste of any dish! An example is sprinkling sliced almonds and lemon juice onto a salad and adding some avocados on top – delicious and good for you!

Play with Animals

Pets can be incredibly soothing. If you have a pet of your own, you may know how much fun simply playing with them can be! For those without furry friends at home, why not visit an animal shelter to volunteer? Who knows, you may come home with a new pet!


Singing may be a bit of an odd suggestion, but researchers at the University of Manchester found that an organ in the inner ear that responds to singing sounds is connected to a part of the brain that handles pleasure. Singing can make you much happier. Sing in the shower, in the car, at church or at a karaoke bar.

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