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Don’t be offended if the doctor prescribes you happiness to avoid heart problems.

Unhappy people can be the most difficult to deal with. They are hard to please and the hardest to inspire about anything in their life, even if they are living comfortably with the perfect job and lifestyle. Giving them exciting news stirs up a lot of “buts” during their response to you, sharing everything that could go wrong with your plan. Most of us try to avoid unhappy people like this, but doctors may be trying to help more of them soon.

While no physician can promise this as a cure, there is evidence from Harvard researchers that having a positive outlook on life will slice each of our heart attack chances in half. Doctors say the effects of being positive feeds the rest of the body with healthy lifestyle character. This means the body is able to receive deep rest, repair itself when needed through restoration and also function properly as the whole body system.

If heart disease runs in the family, would you consider being more optimistic to lessen your chances with heart disease? Let us know what you think about this discovery.

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