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Sponsored by Fisher-Price

A toy train and railroad set is a classic holiday gift, of course, but it's 2016 and chances are your kid probably wishes for a little more excitement, a few more thrilling moments, and perhaps some more engaging technology from their playtime. That's why we picked Thomas and Friends™ TrackMaster™ Thomas' Sky-High Bridge Jump as one of our favorite holiday gifts for kids this year. After all, what could be better than hours of constructive entertainment exploring the rails with Thomas & Friends™?


If your kid is a fan of the series and especially the recent The Great Race movie where Thomas jumps to save the day (we'll spare you the spoilers), this might be the one toy they'll be the most thrilled to see under the tree. 

Sky-High Bridge Jump helps your son or daughter develop all sorts of valuable motor skills during their playtime, along with encouraging their interests in engineering, building, and transportation. Plus pretty much any kid will love making the trains jump the TWO FEET IN THE AIR from one end of the bridge to the other with Sky-High Bridge Jump - just like Thomas does in the movie!

In fact, the actual "jumping" part of this toy might be the most exciting thing about it. This holiday season, the fast-paced fun and thrills of Sky-High Bridge Jump will break new ground by taking off and soaring through the air - delivering the kind of exciting playtime experience that only TrackMaster™ train sets can. Learn more about all the features, components, and build of this particular set, which includes a motorized Thomas train, Harold the helicopter, cargo hopper, cargo piece, and full track layout with a ramp and bridge jump that spans over eight feet of track.

And we didn't even mention the creativity involved in acting out various storylines from the show and books, creating their own adventure-filled scenarios for Thomas and Friends™ to get into while challenging Thomas to new feats of engineering prowess as he jumps and zips around the motorized tracks. 

This set connects with other Thomas & Friends TrackMaster™ sets, making it perfect for kids who already love this world and all of its characters. Built to handle some heavy loads and designed to withstand all sorts of playtime mishaps, this train play set is nearly as sturdy as an actual locomotive - perfect for active kids who have boundless energy and imagination. 

If your kids love the friendly, encouraging face of Thomas, they'll love seeing this under their tree. After all, Thomas and his friends are some of the most beloved characters in children's literature and on TV, so combine that with eight feet of track and an amazing two foot jump, and you have a real winner of a present that's worthy of a featured spot in our holiday gift guide. Engineer some fun for your kids this holiday season with Thomas and his Sky-High Bridge Jump! 


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