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ptr-happywomanmagazine-125sqHappy Woman Magazine provides a hearty, slightly evil dose of wit, humor and sarcasm for those who are more than a little weary of the other goody-goody women's issues websites out there. Is your idea of a good dieting tip to switch from vodka to gin when making your early morning martini? Would you contemplate breaking into a slam dance at a ballroom dance lesson? Do you suspect that feminism could be one of the leading causes that lead to senile dementia in women? Then you probably will love what you find here. The contributors tear through all the subject matter women care about most but with a dark, hilarious twist. Visit Website

One great example is the advice column, "Dear Mags and Dags" which turns the quaint advice you would normally find on "Dear Abbey" over on its crusty righteous head. After Mags dishes out some insane wedding planning advice we find out that Mags has never in fact been married or planned a wedding but has, "dated many married men, some prior before their nuptials, thus she knows a lot about the wedding planning process". Be forewarned that this site is not for those who take things too seriously as witnessed by the many angry (but very entertaining) posts from easily offended women who have wandered to this site unknowingly!

Womensforum Partner: HappyWomanMagazine joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 10/2000.

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