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Has The Biggest Loser Lost it?

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has-biggest-loser-season-15-lost-it-4The look on Bob Harper and Jillian Michael's faces last night was all that one had to see to know that Rachel Frederickson had pushed the limits of healthy weight loss.  

Walking out on stage and weighing in at 105 for 5'4" frame, Frederickson showed a shocking 60 percent drop in total body weight over eight months time. This has caused a stir in the media over whether the Biggest Loser's inspirational message of weight loss and fitness stands true for its contestants, both on the show and afterwards. Several big winners of the Biggest Loser have not kept the weight off and returned to old habits.

Ryan Benson won the show weighing in at 208 at the finale and had started with a weight of 330. A loss of 122 pounds over 8 months was wonderful. However, are the habits contestants learn at the ranch lasting?  Not in Ryan's case. He is back at 300 pounds and feeling a bit guilty. 

"Unfortunately, keeping the weight off has been tough for me," Ryan recently said. "So the biggest way it's changed my life is I feel really guilty for gaining the weight back. I know the show inspires a lot of people, so I don't like being the guy to disappoint."

Matt and Suzy Hoover competed as a team on the show. Her starting weight of 227 pounds was considered clinically obese. Losing almost 100 pounds on the show, she now weighs in at 175 which seems to be an average weight for women these days. Matt started at 339 and finished the show at 182. He too put back on a generous portion of the weight to now weigh 237.  

Does The Biggest Loser really inspire healthy weight loss? Is long term success the real goal? It's hard to believe that many still continue to yo-yo diet even after having months of great instruction. Weight loss and maintenance is a mental commitment.

Making sure you eat fruits, vegetables and lean protein as well as moving daily even for 10 minutes is the solution. What are your thoughts? Will Rachel maintain this weight or should she put a few pounds back on those bones? Share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter

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