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family-breakfast-eaatingDinner around the table does a family good! Making time for it is sometimes difficult with children's activities. We are not saying that you never have dinner together and be OK with that, but rather that we can think creatively in having meals together with our family. Breakfast is one meal you're bound to all be home for and can make into a fun family affair!

Working moms as well as those who stay home have the same challenge at suppertime. We're all tired at the end of the day and when it comes to making dinner and making sure everyone attends, it can be a struggle. 

The benefits of sitting down to have a meal together though are worth it. Studies show that children who have family meals together are less likely to smoke, do drugs and more likely to have good grades!

Breakfast Tips for the Family

Plan ahead the night before. Ask the family what they prefer, whether it be full blown pancakes, French toast, or even cereal. Set the table the night before. If pancakes, French toast or a breakfast bake, prepare as much as you can the night before to save you time during your hectic mornings.

Tell the family when breakfast will be served. And stick to it. This will help the children manage their time. And let's just say there will be times when you are waiting on someone, especially if that someone is a teenager. Still, stick to your guns. When all are around the table, set the atmosphere with a prayer of thanksgiving or some sort of ritual.

Turn off the TV. Make them turn their cell phones off, if applicable. No devices at the table either.

If the need arises, have the children help you prepare breakfast. This makes them feel needed and they will feel good knowing that they helped make it.

Make sure the conversation at the table is positive. This is not the time to read them the "riot act" for something negative they have or haven't done. Go around the table and have each child name something he or she is thankful for. Or have them share what the best part of their day was the day before.

Demonstrate good manners and let everyone have their time to share. No one dominates the conversation. Maintain order and respect in a diplomatic way. Feel free to discuss world events and anything they have on their minds. Share what you think your family values are in a non-preachy way. And let the kids around your table agree to disagree on different subjects.

Finally, uplift each child in some way and encourage them as they go off to school. As difficult as family breakfasts around the table can be, you are making memories that your children will cherish, whether they let on or not. Girl power, moms!

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