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pregnancy sex

Being pregnant is a special time in your life. There are many changes that happen but the entire reason that got your pregnant in the first place, (sex) may be something on your mind that you are too afraid to ask your doctor.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about sex while you’re pregnant.

  • Safe sex anytime. Sex is safe during pregnancy unless you are being treated for preterm labor. So get your sexy on, sex is perfectly safe during all stages of your pregnancy.
  • Libido lacking. Many women experience low sex drive during pregnancy.. Your libido may be low because some women feel more self-conscious during pregnancy and don’t want to have sex. Communicate your concerns to your partner and help him understand how you’re feeling instead of rejecting him.
  • Sex is care-free. Sex during pregnancy may be less stressful for many women who worry about getting pregnant, so embrace the moments of care-free, anytime sex.
  • Safe sex positions. Believe it or not, any position during pregnancy can be safe. There’s no one way to “do it” and you may enjoy the exploration while you have a little more flexibility from elevated pregnancy hormones.
  • Turn your sexy on. The curves of the body that get accentuated during pregnancy may be something that turns on your partner. You may find that your partner is more frisky while you’re pregnant than before; embrace your sex goddess.
  • Don’t move the fridge, have sex. Many wive’s tales say to do a strenuous activity to spark your labor in your final weeks before due date. But having sex may be just the trick to start contractions. Sperm is rich in hormones which may stimulate the uterus to contract. Here comes baby!


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