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Serious Lack of Available Facilities For Women

Perhaps nowhere in the world is life tougher on women then in the US where because of our sewage protocol we girls can't just stop, drop and pee. We have to find a "women's restroom" and then begin the long protocol of taking (as the English would say) a proper piss.   

Female Incontinence

Most places of entertainment and work, (movie houses, sports arenas, restaurants, and most businesses) insist on having the same number of bathroom stalls for women as they put in for men.

We are happy to report that finally because more women have been joining the ranks of lawmakers, in some states is it legally mandated that they have more. Six to one is actually the mandated rule in some states. And that's about right.

Many factors figure in to this bathroom shortage for females being simply inexcusable.  But as we have noted before, life is unfair.  This is why it should actually be no surprise that you often see a woman stride proudly out of the guys' restroom when inhibitions are down.  Clock it guys.

First of all, not only do women have smaller bladders and more complex plumbing which is more subject to wear and tear, the fact is women simply have to pee more frequently.

Secondly, fashion and protocol have conspired to see to it that women, through no fault of their own, do take longer to urinate than men once they get to the cubicle.  Whereas, for a woman the situation gets out of hand in a real big hurry.  In part it is her own fault.  But there are some social factors that come in to play and exacerbate the problem immensely.  Let's just take a few moments to compare the experience, male to female, of attending to the bladder's need to vacate.

Peeing Protocol for Men

Just think of the male step by step protocol of relieving their bladders.

  • Enters stall-which is almost always readily available (no line for the guys),
  • unzip,
  • pee,
  • shake,
  • zip up and then the optional---
  • washing of the hands.

We'll lay you ten to one that hidden cameras would confirm our fairly strong suspicion that fewer than 1 in 10 men actually wash their hands following any given peeing episode.

Peeing Protocol for Women

First off because we often live in denial. The number of bladder infections she is treated for each year on average, is merely a small hint at how serious the problem of "waiting too long", is for the average woman.

So, when she finally acknowledges that she may be approaching the point of no return, resulting in involuntary urine leakage , spurred on by a simple cough, giggle, laugh or gasp she finally breaks away from the event at hand and goes in search of the nearest women's restroom.

At that point she

  • Begins the long wait in line for her turn, then
  • enters the stall and
  • finds and places a toilet seat liner (pray to God it's there) on the "sometimes still wet with spray" toilet seat; then
  • up with the skirt or
  • unzip, and
  • down with the slacks,
  • down with the pantyhose,
  • down with the panties and then
  • sit , and, eventually
  • pee,
  • search for the hidden or nonexistant toilet paper, (this can take a long long time and sometimes ends in frustrated failure-we won't even start with the number of times it takes two minutes to tear off two tiny, fragmented and translucent pieces of toilet paper from the bare end of the roll.)
  • wipe,
  • stand up,
  • pull up panties,
  • pull up hose,
  • pull up slacks, and
  • zip up slacks, or
  • pull down skirt,
  • flush,
  • wash hands and
  • exit.

Get the picture?

And by way of further illumination, that simple middle step of "peeing or urinating" is often not as simple as it sounds. After the preparation steps are taken and all clothing is out of the line of fire, it is not a given that the stream can be invoked without hesitation.

In other words, it takes awhile, sometimes up to a half a minute or longer, to actually turn the spigot on once she has, for so long, ignored her body's impulse to just let it go. This is not the same as what men refer to as a "piss hard-on" but it is strangely enough, related to that problem, due to the pelvic floor kegel muscles being involved in "holding it". In other words, "holding it" is a task that takes lots of concentration and muscular development and bravado. I'm sure that there are many points in the brain that light up with her process and effort when a woman is put through this form of near torture.

One plausable theory goes that the woman who too frequently disallows herself to pee when she needs to pee-when the bladder is full-that stressor, in itself, may lead to some kind of overexertion of the muscles, nerves and feedback loop involved and actually LEAD to incontinence in later years. Just a theory. We will try to let you know if we find any support from science on that one in a subsequent article.

No wonder pantyhose have begun to go the way of the dinosaur.

And, by way of griping further, wouldn't it be so much easier if we didn't have to bare the entire vicinity simply to take a pee.  Never mind, nip that jealousy thing in the bud.  No penis envy allowed.

And there are, or we should say, were, historically, some old fashioned undergarments that allowed for one to "undo" several little tiny snaps or hooks and eyes to open only the crotch so a woman could pee or urinate without all that stripping routine. They were a little inefficient, however-it was difficult to be certain that the fabric was well out of the way of the stream of urine and in some cases it took longer to reattach the hooks then it would to pull two or three items of clothing up or down. That is probably why such garments are very rare in today's world.

Miscellaneous Solutions

So basically a woman needs to be prepared for the reality of the lack of availability of sufficient public and business sector women's restrooms.

  • She can do this by refraining from the consumption of liquids.  Well, maybe not.
  • Like mom and dad in the days of old, she can carry a lidded coffeecan in the back of the car or in her large designer bag.
  • Or she can bite the bullet and utilize a popular sanitary product that will save her from public humiliation and embarrassment.  Girls' choice.
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