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having-a-tough-day-you-cant-have-it-worse-than-this-mom-who-face-planted-during-her-daughters-proposalPhoto Credit: YouTube/ABC7

This mom waited seven years for her daughter’s boyfriend to propose. When it finally happened, she didn’t even get to see it. Because she was face-down in sand.

Bill Devaney proposed to long-time girlfriend Breanne Clark by Lake Michigan. He had the whole family gathered around to watch it happen when her mom Eva Clark face-planted in the sand!

“Everyone knew Bill was going to propose to Breanne except for my mom,” Bridgett said about the hilarious video. “He asked us to try and distract Breanne so that he could get down on one knee. Little did we know my mom’s clumsiness would do the distracting naturally!”

Breanne’s sister, Bridget, redirected everyone’s attention back to the couple and Devaney popped the question.

 While the proposal probably didn’t go how mom Eva  had imagined, she took the fall with a sense of humor. She made a screenshot of the video her Facebook profile picture and commented, "NO injury, just embarrassment :)."

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