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HBO has released a short trailer for the concert special extraordinaire premiering in September! 

This may be the last time we see Beyoncé and Jay Z drunk in love. HBO has released a short teaser trailer of what we can expect from the concert special "On the Run," which premieres September 20. It features Beyoncé singing the 1966 song "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" to Jay Z. 

For now, this teaser video seems to put aside any divorce rumors and showcases the power couple's awesome moments from their North American tour.

HBO released the 50-second trailer for their concert special, which beings with a seductive Beyoncé singing to Jay Z in a dark lounge as he smokes a cigar. She sings "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)", written by Sonny Bono and originally sung by Cher. Then the video erupts with color, energy, sexy Beyoncé outfits, and clips from their North American tour.

Reports of their marriage ending are still floating around; even their reported attempt at marriage counseling during their tour has failed. Is a divorce being postponed until the closing of their tour? Time will tell but one thing is for sure, this HBO special will reel in viewers! 

The teaser video includes Beyoncé "shooting a gun" with her hands at Jay Z while singing the "Bang Bang" song in a glittery, classic gown. It's an interesting song choice to tease the trailer, as the song itself is melancholy and morbid.

The concert special will broadcast footage from their final two concers on September 12th and 13th at the Stade de France in Paris.

Stay tuned for the show - it premieres on HBO on Saturday, September 20th at 9p.m. EST. 

Photo Credit: HBO/YouTube 

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