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ahealth_happiness_hormonesThe Link Between Happiness and Women's Health Issues

Most people in Western countries possess more material wealth than their parents ever had. However, the percentage of happy people has not increased. Scientists have finally proven that female hormones do play a significant role in mood, attitude, and outlook. Health, happiness, and hormones are intricately interconnected in ways we are only beginning to understand. 

The Way to Happiness

As we age, hormones begin to decrease in our bodies. By the age of 22, hormonal growth starts its downfall. Ladies, you have an excuse for your wrinkles, damp skin, or fat bottoms! Here's another good fact: female hormonal balance can be restored by using natural hormones to decrease memory loss, thyroid abnormal functionality, extra weight, emotional hazards, fatigue and a weakened immune system. For such symptoms, women are usually prescribed medication.

First of all, you need to know that hormonal dysfunction can be asymptomatic at the beginning. You may have the weird feeling that there's something wrong with you, but no doctor would be able to detect any physical symptoms. Trust your instincts and look for a health care provider that will take your claims seriously. The messy effects of your hormonal range may cause problems not only to your libido, but also to your brain, bones, heart, muscles or skin.

The hormones responsible for your well being are serotonin (a.k.a "the hormone of happiness"), progesterone (the "p" hormone), testosterone (yes, ladies, you have it too but in smaller doses) and oxytosin (this hormone is referred to as "the orgasm hormone"). There are natural ways to balance the hormones in our bodies and live a long, happy life. All it takes is some research and the help of a medical professional that understands female hormones and happiness.

Here are a few easy steps to help you maintain balanced hormones:

  • Get seven to nine hours of sleep.
  • Take Omega 3 supplements – preferably 3 capsules per day.
  • Choose your skincare and make-up products more carefully. Metylparaben and proplyparaben are bad news for your skin!
  • Don't drink water that has been bottled in plastic. Also, store your food in glass containers.
  • Frequently wash your hands.
  • Practice some form of meditation, prayer, or other relaxation technique on a daily basis.
  • Make long term plans for your life.
  • Don't drink more than 4 alcoholic drinks a week and don't smoke at all.
  • Take your vitamins and minerals. They help you stay away from diseases.
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