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It seems as if it's been forever since the activity monitor wrist gadget first came on to the market and you could finally track of your steps, distance, and calories you have burned.

New health devices are emerging that you will actually want to stick with! Check out these five new wearable health gadgets that will make it easy for you to keep up on your health.



This wearable device not only feels your burn but helps detect incorrectly performed exercise and gives tips to help you improve your workouts! The Gymwatch is capable of telling the difference between a good full effort-filled rep and a half-bearded one. It uses movement data and math to help you reach personal fitness protection. Buy here

Healbe GoBe


This device is capable of measuring calorie intake without you having to type up everything you ate. The gadget goes for around $300. It uses a sensor to consider the amount of glucose going through you into your cells. In other words, it keeps track of calories consumed and burned as well as your stress and hydration levels. Don't forget that it measures your sleep too! Buy here

MyBrain Melomind


We will admit this device looks a little odd but it claims to be totally awesome. This is a wearable gadget that you wear on your head to rid the wearer of stress. It connects via Bluetooth to smartphones. The app you can download claims to put your brain to sleep in 15 minutes. Check it out here



This interesting gadget sticks to baby and young children's torsos. It also uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone app. It records and logs temperatures of the children. Clearly easier than a thermometer, it is the technology of for the children of today. It can also alert your phone when when a fever spikes. However, its not on the market yet due to FDA review. Check it out here

Withings Activite Pop


Finally we have another... watch-like gadget! Like a watch, this can also tell time, but it also tracks activity and can last on battery for eight months. The app that goes with it can show you detailed information about your activity and the watch itself can show you at a glance how you are doing. Buy here

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