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  • Monster Apple Bites

    Monster Apple Bites

    Whoever thought of these is genius and a little bit on the dark side! Create monster mouths out of apple slices, berry jam and almond slivers - making treats ideal for a kid's monster bash.

    Tip: Squeeze lemon juice over the apples to prevent them from browning and to make certain they will last throughout the night of festivities!

  • Carrot Rice Ball Mini Pumpkins

    Carrot Rice Ball Mini Pumpkins

    This one's for the kids who have more of a savory palate. The recipe is a healthier take on the more well known Rice Krispie balls, but it is still sure to be a hit! For extra flavor, and of course for jack-o'-lantern's facial features, add olives and green peppers.

  • Spider Deviled Eggs

    Spider Deviled Eggs

    Deviled eggs are the ultimate party hors d'oeuvres and they just got even better with a Halloween twist! Add sliced black olives to create an eight legged creature on top of your deviled egg, giving the illusion of the spider egg!

  • Pretzel Witch Fingers

    Pretzel Witch Fingers

    These are the oh-so-creepy and delicious chocolate dipped pretzel witch fingers. To create the look of the limbs, you dip pretzel rods into green dyed chocolate, add almond slices for the fingernails, and grab a needle or bobby pin to create the detail of knuckle and finger wrinkles (if you dare!) Get into the Halloween spirit and decorate these with your kids for some crafty cooking!

  • The Frankenkiwis

    The Frankenkiwis

    It’s hard to want to eat these and not just Instagram them instead, but these Frankenkiwis are the perfect little snack for a Halloween celebration! Their lovable features are created with pretzel sticks for the mouth and the high voltage head screws and mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Using the scrap peel from the kiwis, add hair to the top of this floating Franken head.

  • Halloween Soup, Sandwich, and Dip

    Halloween Soup, Sandwich, and Dip

    This idea is fit for a Halloween themed family lunch to surprise the little ones and get them excited for the celebrations to come! From the dip all the way down to the drink, this lunch has Halloween written all over it. For this meal it’s all in the intricate details adding the crosses to the homemade pita chips and the web cream for the tomato soup. There’s no way your family wouldn’t be scarily impressed!

  • Halloween Sweet Potato Fries

    Halloween Sweet Potato Fries

    Kids love sweet potato fries and they’re a great way for parents to sneak in as a healthier substitute for those McDonald’s fries we all crave. Charm your kids and guests with a patch of sweet potato fries made for a haunted affair using Halloween shaped cookie cutters! 

  • Pretzel and Cheese Witch's Brooms

    Pretzel and Cheese Witch's Brooms

    Do these not look like the newest Nimbus 2000’s (beware of the preceding Harry Potter references)?! Your kids will be ready to chase the snitch in a game of Quidditch with these pretzel and cheese brooms. They’re super easy to throw together for small bites, only requiring string cheese, pretzel sticks, and fresh chives!

  • Banana Mummies

    Banana Mummies

    Frozen banana pops on skewers that resemble our favorite bandaged ghoul the mummy - what could be better?! The pops are a healthy and sweet treat that any kid would die for! They're also mess-free: just eat and throw away!

  • Halloween Stuffed Peppers

    Halloween Stuffed Peppers

    Not everything can be sweet, which is why we love these cutout jack-o'-lantern stuffed peppers! The stuffed peppers are guaranteed to stuff your kids, being that they’re more filling than the other snacks. Use a variety of colored peppers to incorporate lots of flavors and colors into your kid’s meal.

  • Ghost Covered Strawberries

    Ghost Covered Strawberries

    OK, so we admit that this one’s a little on the guilty pleasure side. But for a dessert, it’s pretty much as healthy as you can get. We love that they’re bite sized, making it the perfect idea for a dessert tray to bring to that upcoming spooky soirée. These ghost covered strawberries will have all the costume-wearing kiddos calling you the hostess with the mostess!

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