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healthy-bacteria-for-womenBacteria often gets a negative stereotype.

With over 50 living bacteria "down there" and women needing to be in constant check of their bladder health, it may be a shock to know there are some good ones you'd want around. Bladder infections can occur due to many factors but one thing is for sure, a healthy vagina equals a healthy bladder. As there are both good and bad bacteria that live in the body, it’s helpful to know which are the good guys.

Top Two Healthy Bacteria For Your Bladder

Probiotics and lactobacilli are healthy bacterias or microorganisms in the vagina that in turn, are healthy bacterias for the bladder. Probiotics are said to be good bacteria that help with many bodily functions and help rid the bladder of bad bacteria.

One cool fact about probiotics is that it’s found in yogurt. Many women are encouraged to eat plain yogurt due to the benefits it has on preventing and battling yeast infections, bladder infections, vaginitis and vaginosis.

Lactobacilli is also a good bacteria and a predominant microorganism found in women with healthy vaginas. It helps to maintain an acidic environment in the vagina. When a woman’s ph balance changes, it affects the amount of lactobacilli in her vagina which could negatively effect her risk of infection.

While you can’t purchase these two good bacterias, you can maintain a healthy diet and good hygiene to make sure your bladder is in good health.

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