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healthy-cooking-tipsMany of us make New Year’s Resolutions (or at least try to!) and many of us make one to get into shape.

This year, why not actually do it? One of the most basic ways you can start investing in your health is with cooking. There are many simple changes you can make in your kitchen to ensure that you have healthy foods within your home and are preparing meals with good nutrition. Consider these healthy cooking tips and food preparation methods when you are making a meal.

Healthy Grocery Shopping

Make small changes in the foods you buy and make a big difference in your life. Use some or all of these tips when applying your “Healthy Heart, Healthy You” lifestyle:

  1. When shopping for beef, look for meat that is marked as a “grade” of beef, which is an overall healthier choice.
  2. Instead of using egg yolks, switch to egg whites.
  3. When cooking with dairy, use the lower fat options.

Different Cooking Methods

Frying foods pack on the calories and leaves your food with little or no nutrition. Instead of frying your meat and veggies, try these healthier cooking methods:

  1. In warmer months, take advantage of your outdoor grill. The distinct, smoky flavor adds flavor and allows the fat to drip off the meat. You can also opt to grill your veggies too.
  2. Roasting your meat is yet another tasty and health-conscious choice. Roast your food in tomato sauce or lemon for a fresh and zesty option.
  3.  You can choose to steam or stir-fry your vegetables. Steaming allows natural flavors to come out so you don’t have to add many spices or extra salt. And, stir-frying foods is simply delicious and healthy (especially when you use olive oil).

Good Seasoning Choices

You may not realize it, but seasonings can make a big difference. Use these guidelines when selecting what seasonings to use to ensure that you are choosing healthier options.

  1. Choose citrus juice as a seasoning, which will bring out the natural flavor of your foods. It’s especially good with chicken (lemon pepper chicken) or shrimp (like lime shrimp tacos!).
  2. If you want to add spice to your dish, use fresh peppers. Dice them up and add to your dish for extra flavor without using prepackages spices and seasonings (which oftentimes come with a lot of sodium).
  3. Utilize dried herbs like rosemary, which help create a stronger, healthier flavor.

It’s never the wrong time to think about your health and heart. Make small changes and work towards a happier, healthier you!

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