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healthy-diets-more-expensive-study-shows-1There’s a cost to eating and living healthy and it’s higher than the dollar menu! Mom always said to eat your fruits and vegetables but mom never said that it was more expensive than that tasty cheeseburger you’d rather have! A recent study shows that healthy diets are more expensive than unhealthy diets. How unfortunate is that?

If you’re a healthy eater, did you know it’s more costly? It could even cost your family thousands of dollars more a year to cook healthy meals! Read more to learn the truth about healthy diets!

Being Healthy is More Expensive?

healthy-diets-more-expensive-study-shows-2The British Journal of Medicine Open conducted a recent study, which concluded that a healthy diet costs around $1.50 more a day than an unhealthy diet. Diets consisting of meats, junk food and other processed foods were $1.50 cheaper a day than a diet consisting of fruits, veggies and fish. 

If you are choosing a healthy lifestyle, you are spending over $500 more a year than if you went to the drive-thru. For the average family, it costs over $2,000 more a year to be healthy! Wow! The study also looked at varying options within certain food groups. For example, fat-free milk tended to be more expensive than whole milk. 

So, being healthy has a price but the end result is pretty valuable - great body inside and out, longer life expectancy, and much more. Check out our diet and fitness sections for tips on cutting costs with healthy food or how to work out, which requires time more so than money!

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