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healthy-eating-habits-for-kids-video-mainMany mommies have battled a picky eater who refused to try new things. Take a look at ways you AND your little one can win the battle. 

Start by giving your child three different food groups: a protein, a starch, and those lovely veggies. Make sure that two of the items are a couple of their favorite foods and the third food is a healthy, new one. Have a rule that they don’t have to try or finish the third food group UNLESS they want a second helping of the food they DO like. Fair enough, right? 

iStock 000019806377XSmallAnother struggle for parents can be teaching their child how to understand if they’re really full.

It helps not to eat with “family style” bowls on the table during the meal. This is because when the child sees it, their brain tells them, “this tastes good, I want more.” It takes roughly 20 minutes for the brain to know that the stomach is full.

One way to tackle this is to have conversation they’re interested in so they will eat slower.

Also, give them water before and with their meal to help fill them up.

Lastly, take a 10 minute break where everyone stops eating to talk or play a game before they can have seconds. It’s a great way to figure out if the child is just bored, wants to taste the food again or really is still hungry.

Good luck!

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