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healthy-foods-to-make-you-gain-weightWait... Healthy Foods That Make You Gain Weight?  

And when we are cognizant about how we eat and want to lose weight healthily, at times, we become frustrated that our weight loss efforts are not succeeding.  Eating healthily and watching what we eat is a lifestyle change and we are always learning how to eat right and lose those extra pounds. So, why in the world are we gaining weight by eating healthy foods? It could be that the healthy foods we are eating are packing more calories than we think. But, don’t give up on eating right.  Eating healthy food doesn't always make you gain weight. But be aware that you could be sabotaging yourself by eating the following bad healthy foods that make you fat.

Healthy Foods that Make Us Gain Weight

GRANOLA:  Yes, granola has oats and nuts that are good for you.  But granola contains loads of sugar and oil (which makes it crisp).  One bowl of granola is typically 500 calories.  Seek out similar cereals with the same nutrients, but less sugar and oil.

DRIED FRUIT:  Because dried fruit is denser, one cup of the snack is 50 to 75 percent higher in calories than a cup of fresh fruit.  For instance, a cup of raisins is 460 calories while grapes are only 60 calories per cup.

SUSHI ROLLS:  Though the seaweed and veggies that fill up the roll are low in calories and good for you, many have mayonnaise or cream cheese in them as well.  In addition, any seafood inside may have been batter fried.  A simple sushi roll can contain 500-600 calories.  Add the soy sauce and you will add un-needed sodium which will make you retain water.

BRAN MUFFINS:  While the fiber is great, the sugar and butter ingredients liken it to a slice of cake.  Most contain about 420 calories and 20 grams of fat.

SANDWICH WRAPS:  Rolled out, a wrap can be as wide as a foot long, making it larger than two bread slices.  And then we trick ourselves by adding mayonnaise or salad dressing, making that wrap high in calories.

TOFU:  While good for you, tofu can be high in sodium.  And because of its naturally bland taste, the food staple is usually served having been dipped in flavorful sauces and deep-fried, skyrocketing the calorie content and making you gain weight!

SALADS:  We all know salads are great!   But it’s what we put on them that counts.  Cheese, nuts, croutons and salad dressing make the healthy dish much like a huge plate of pasta.  And watch those salad dressings ladies!  Even the vinaigrette's can be high in calories.

VEGGIE BURGERS:  Eating these can save on cholesterol and fat, but would you believe that these burgers can pack up to 1,000 calories?  The culprit is likely the cheese that holds the veggies together and the size of the burger.  Add ketchup and a bun and you might as well go to McDonalds.

    We hope this information is helpful as you strive to be healthy or slim down.  Pay attention to the ingredients of these healthy foods and the portion size and you will reach your goals!

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