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  • Stock your pantry with healthy items. Think fresh whole grains, nuts, and dried beans.
  • Blend your vegetables for quick smoothies. Add apples for sweetness and greek yogurt for protein.
  • Have meals that are easy like fresh meats and cheeses or go-to favorites.
  • Soups make for leftovers and healthy choices. You can sneak in more vegetables for your family disguised in soups.
  • Don't forget to make a little more than you need. Leftovers can be an easy meal option.
  • Try Mason Jar salads. Layer fresh veggies, beans, dressing and even grains.
  • Prep meals on Sundays for the week. Freeze and portion them individually.
  • Roast vegetables like squash and zucchini for quick healthy meals. Save the extras for breakfast with your eggs.
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