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healthy-living-relationships-matterThe people who live to be 100 years old have many things in common.

They don't smoke, they live an active life, they consume a healthy diet, have a spiritual relationship and value their friends and family. In addition, entertaining and having friends over for dinner other than holidays is key to nurturing relationships.

Relationships Are Key to Living Longer and Healthier

I met up with Katie Brown, host, author and coined as the next "Martha Stewart" because of her show "Katie's Home Workshop." We talked about entertaining and surprising your guests this summer.

Here are her summer entertaining tips to wow any guest, even family!

  1. Flower power: Always have a few flowers spread about to enhance the ambiance of a summer get-together.
  2. Self-serve station: Set up a self-serve station at your gathering to allow guests the opportunity to be creative and have control over what they are eating and drinking. You can easily dress up mason jars by using cupcake liners as lids in place of the standard tin top and sticking a straw through the paper. This way, no bugs can fly in!
  3. Be prepared: Summer heat can often mean swarms of bugs, so always have items vital to the outdoors within your guests’ reach so they can stay comfortable. There's nothing worse than sitting around a bonfire and being annoyed by a bunch of pesky bugs!
  4. Make it fun for adults and the kids: A bubble refill station is so fun for kids because they can blow big bubbles in the yard while the parents watch and mingle. Another fun activity is a cookie decorating station. Guests can decorate cookies with festive toppings and take them home after the party. Having planned activities help ensure that all guests are entertained and takes some of the pressure off the host.
  5. Take-home goodies: Take-home gifts featuring reminders of the great summer soiree they just enjoyed will make your guests feel special as they leave. If you host a garden party, offer your guests a small bag of seeds with growing instructions. Another fun idea, particularly for out-of-town guests, is to provide biscuits and a small bottle of jam for breakfast the next day.

Remember, in order to live healthier, relationships are key. They help us believe in ourselves, lower our stress levels and make us happier people!

For more from Andrea, check out her website.

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