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A little healthy rivalry may actually do some good for your running! 

If you are an avid marathon runner or active in any other running sport, you’ve probably already picked out who your competition will be. Maybe it’s even the same person each year and it’s now your relentless mission to win! According to a new study, that rivalry you always experience actually can help boost your running and help you run faster. 

Having a rival motivates you to run faster and harder, the study concluded. So a little healthy competition is, well, healthy!

In the recent study, New York University researchers surveyed 72 runners (about half of whom were female) about rivalries. More than half - 56.9 percent - said that there was at least one runner with whom they felt a rivalry.


The runners said they have on average three rivals and these actually improve their running performance. So, either forming rivals or harnessing the rivals we already have improves our athletic performance. 

The study found that rivals being the same gender or being close in age is a contributor to this finding. Another is repeated competition - that same guy or gal you always see at the city marathon. Finally, there are those closely decided contests.

Do you have a rival that you feel pushes you to perform better and harder? 

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