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healthy-snackAdd a Little Variety to Your Child's Lunch Box! Remember the traditional sack lunch of PB & J sandwiches, carrot sticks, a piece of fruit and a drink? This may be a pretty good sack lunch, but it's boring!  Of course some moms think throwing in a Twinkie or a cup cake with lunch is the perfect surprise but the draw back is they're packed with sugar, artificial flavors and harmful preservatives. Ironically however, these snack choices are more than likely the only thing in the lunch the kids will actually eat!  Well not anymore!  Moms rule and you have an extra surprise up your sleeve starting today to get the kids to take extra interest in what's in that lunchbox!  Now you can create an equally great lunch surprise and to promote good nutrition.

Sack Lunch Surprises That Are Good For Kids

There are loads of fun ideas for healthy sack lunches the kids will absolutely enjoy. Sometimes it's not the lunch you've packed for the kids that makes the difference in whether or not they'll eat what you've prepared.  But the little extra surprises found inside the sack lunches that will entice the kids to eat every morsel. Think of it in terms of the joy kids have when eating a box of Crackerjacks and finding the little surprise at the bottom of the box.

Creating healthy sack lunch surprises for the kids is the same concept.  From the first time the kids open their sack lunch to find a fun surprise inside they'll be eating their lunch everyday.  Not to mention that making healthy sack lunches with a little extra effort ensures to kids that mom truly cares.  This school year guarantees that the kids will enjoy their sack lunches. Try these cool healthy sack lunch surprise ideas that the kids will love. In fact sack lunch surprises that are good for kids is the ideal way to get the kids back in to the swing of taking a sack lunch to school.  

Healthy Sack Lunch Surprises

1. Ditch the Brown Bag

The first thing is to reconsider paper lunch bags, which are old school, boring and limits packing space.  Normally by lunch time the bag is worn, torn and the contents are smashed.  So save a few trees and toss the paper bag lunch idea!  Lunch boxes, on the other hand, are durable and come in an assortment of themes and sizes!  The kids will enjoy carrying their lunch box to school sporting their favorite character.

2. Use Tupperware

Sandwich bags make it difficult to store chopped fruits, salads or soups.  By browsing the Tupperware section, moms can find a variety of plastic containers in different sizes and shapes to replace those drab plastic sandwich bags.  Picking up a couple of square sandwich containers, small plastic cups and bowls with lids is a much better way to make healthy kids' sack lunches.  Plus plastic containers broaden the lunch choices especially when considering thermos containers.

3. Improve the PJ & J

PB & J sandwiches make the lunch menu at least once or twice a week.  Instead of the traditional sandwich on white bread, try PB & J on wheat toast, cinnamon raisin swirl or even chocolate chip bread to make a delightfully tasty PB & J sandwich the kid's will look forward to eating not to mention a little healthier than the white bread choice.

4. Add Fun Shapes

The sheer shape of a sandwich is boring. So why not put those cookie cutters to good use? Using cookie cutters to make cool sandwich shapes are not only fun to make but loads of fun for the kids to eat. Take it a little step further and try a hand at agronomy using aluminum foil. Wrapping the kids' favorite meal from home in cool tin foil shapes is truly a treat!

5. Pack Favorites

Pack sack lunches using the kids' favorite foods from home. This is simplicity at its best, especially when using plastic containers. Now the kids can enjoy pizza, fried rice, or chicken.

6. Ditch the Sandwich

Take a break from sandwiches all together by considering tuna or chicken salad pitas, wraps or burritos.

7. Include Sides and Dips

If you want the kids to eat their daily recommended helping of raw vegetables such as carrots or celery sticks make sure to include their favorite dipping sauce or dressing.

8. Freeze their Favorites

We know all kids love snacks with their lunch. But often their favorite snacks like pudding, jello or yogurt don't hold well at refrigerated temperature until lunch time. Instead consider freezing the snacks and packing them frozen. By the time lunch comes around the treats will be perfectly thawed and ready to enjoy.

9. Add a Touch of Love

Last but certainly not least is the finishing touches to the perfect kids sack lunch, which is a sweet note, card or token from mom that exemplifies her love and appreciation.  Toss in a plastic spoon and/or fork plus a few napkins and the kids will have every thing they need to eat every single bite no matter what is on the lunch menu!

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