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healthy-snacking-tips-videoTips for Snacking on Healthy Foods

Those of us "health nuts" can never glean enough information on eating right.  In this segment, Andrea Metcalf gives good nutritional information on berries and nuts, dried fruit and regular fruit.  It's amazing how the volume of each varies for the same calories.  But we can never go wrong eating either, as Metcalf explains.

Calories in Nuts and Dried Berries

Both berries and nuts are excellent snacking sources.  But the calories vary in whichever one you choose.  For example, 1/4 cup of dried blueberries is 160 calories.  Yet 12 almonds are also 160 calories.  Translate that calorie count to mandarin oranges and you will need to eat six to get to 160 calories!  Nuts sometimes get a bad reputation for being higher in fat. But the fat in nuts is what actually makes them healthy. The monounsaturated fats help keep us heart-healthy and free of diseases.

Healthy Benefits of Nuts

Healthy nuts are a wonderful source of protein, including minerals and nutrients that can only reinforce health.  Science has proven that nuts not only make our arteries healthier, but keep our cholesterol at acceptable leves and help in weight loss..

Tip for eating nuts: 

  • When purchasing nuts, try buying organic or raw nuts that have not been enhanced in any way.
  • A small amount of almonds provides you with a good dose of your daily needs for magnesium and calcium, even rivaling  milk.  Antioxidant- packed, almonds are also abundant in selenium and vitamin E.  In addition, the higher fiber content and heart health properties keeps our digestive systems working well, preventing colon cancer and lowering cholesterol.
  • Walnuts are cited by many as being the best nut because they increase our thought processes. Walnut consumption can help strengthen our hearts, increase brain function, and keep the skin and bones healthy. They also help us fight disease.

As mothers, we can never learn enough when it comes to eating healthily.  I am always open to new ideas and ways to present foods to my children.  As challenging as it can be, we can get our kids started with good eating habits at an early age.  I can tell you when we were trying to help our daughter gain weight, a nutritionist once told me it takes 10 to 15 times putting food in front of them to get them to try it.  I have learned this is true.  However, I usually make them have a "no thank you" portion so they at least taste it.

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