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healthy-valentines-day-treats-for-the-kidsEvery day we show our kids just how much we love them, whether in a hug, doing their laundry, kissing a boo-boo, tucking them in, buying their must-have jeans or video game and more. Some of our actions go unnoticed, some are just assumed and others are even somewhat appreciated. And the feelings go both ways. Our kids know we love them, but do they hear it enough?

We here at The List say Valentine’s Day is a day to rekindle the love—even with your children. Tell them outright you love them, shower them with affection and hugs and kisses. Look at it as a day in the middle of an always hectic schedule that you remember to say what you feel. Not that you don’t do it other days, but this is a day especially that serves as a gentle reminder.


Another decadent way to get all lovey dovey that goes beyond the sugary red box of candies they love? Send them off to school or welcome them home with a snack that’s all about hugs and kisses, loving and doting with these six cool ideas from The List for healthy Valentine’s inspired snacks.

Fun Valentine’s Day Treats for the Kids

1. Whether you pack them peanut butter and jelly, turkey and Swiss or other must-have filling, use specially-shaped cookie cutters to cut their lunchbox sandwiches into loving shapes. You can even do this at breakfast with toast and eggs (as seen below). Try varying the sizes of the heart-shaped sandwiches as well as a series of “x” and “o”’s.


2. Use the natural shape of strawberries to your advantage. When you remove the green stem and slice in half you will be left with a heart shape. Use the knife to cut a deeper “V” in the top of the strawberry; this way it will really resemble a heart.

3. Use small cookie cutters to cut out different colored melons and pineapples to create fruit kabobs. Cut fruits into ½-inch squares; cut heart shape out. Put one type of each fruit on each toothpick (kabob) to make colorful and festive. Serve on the side with melted dark chocolate or carob (healthier than milk chocolate) or vanilla yogurt.

4. Cook carrot slices and then use an alphabet cookie cutter to cut into “x” shapes. Then use peas to make the “o”’s. You can also cut the carrots into heart shapes.

5. Spread cream cheese over a rice cake and top with either Goji berries or cranberry-raisins that are arranged to spell the word “love” or “kiss” or other Valentine’s worthy word or symbol.


6. Make a healthy smoothie with yogurt, coconut water and frozen strawberries or red raspberries. Either serve the smoothies with red straws or freeze in popsicle molds to serve later.

For more on healthy Valentine’s Day treats for the kids, check out Poshmom.

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