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hearablesheaderIf you can’t live without your headphones and fitness tracker apps, this new invention could be your new workout buddy! 

Hearables are a new device that have the ability to deliver more accurate measurements, longer battery life and more. The essential thought behind the Hearable device is that the ear is good place to pick up blood flow and heart beats. 

According to a Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index, nearly 125 million Americans exercise regularly, the majority of whom are looking for easy, motivational ways to measure their progress. 

Considering music alone is a great to get pumped before and during a workout (what else could get you more pumped than some Black Eyed Peas or classic Britney Spears in your ear), a device that helps with that plus helps track progress is a much-welcomed product. 

"Most of the attention to-date has been on the wrist, with a barrage of new devices from wrist-worn trackers to sensorized smartwatches, but hearables are makings strides and leveraging a mainstream consumer accessory – the earbud," says Scott Snyder, a senior fellow with the University of Pennsylvania's Mack Institute for Innovation Management and president and co-founder of the mobile strategy company Mobiquity.

LG Electronics created its first hearable, the Heart Rate​ earphone, which measures your heart rate, speed, steps and calories, plus provides audio feedback on your workout. The Dash,​ another hearable, is a combination of a Bluetooth headset, music player and waterproof fitness tracker. It's raised more than $3 million on Kickstarter.

"The ear happens to be a good place to pick up blood flow as it moves consistently in and out of the ear, and the membrane is relatively thin," Snyder says. "We can pick up heart rate, blood flow and even oxygen levels at an accuracy rate comparable to the chest strap."

Most of the hearables will be charged through your phone's headphone jack​ so you don’t have to worry about battery life.

You can rock out and get vital info you need and collect data on the success of your workout. Will you be buying a hearable?

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