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HEART-disease-symptoms2Learn about common symptoms of Heart Disease in women.

What is the number one killer of women today throughout the world? It could be car accidents. Car accidents cause thousands of lives each day. Alcohol and related substances also take many women's lives each day. Both of these killers pale in comparison, however, to the effects of heart disease. Many people have thought that this is a man's issue. But that's no longer the case.

So why are women starting to have so many problems with heart disease?

Put simply, there is misunderstanding on heart disease symptoms of women since they are different than men's symptoms. The big ones are easy to recognize (racing heart, irregular heart beat, etc.). However, there are less obvious ones too. This article will cover some of the little known yet common symptoms of heart disease.

One of the biggest issues that women face is that the heart disease symptoms that they exhibit are not the same as those for men. Therefore, even if they do go to the doctor, they are often not told that their symptoms could be related to heart disease. If the doctors don't realize it, how is a lay person supposed to know that they are in danger of having a heart related condition?

Another factor is that when these common symptoms of heart disease do show up, the woman doesn't seek medical attention. This is because they are either embarrassed to go in for such a little thing, afraid that it will be heart-related, or they try to treat the symptoms at home. The fact is that women below the age of 55 who are hospitalized with heart disease, are twice as likely as men to die in the hospital. This is a staggering fact. It is all the more notable when it could have been prevented if the women involved were aware of the unknown symptoms of heart disease.


Symptoms of Heart Disease

Extreme exhaustion is the first thing to look for. This means that it is nearly impossible to complete daily tasks without frequent rest. Jaw pain can signal an issue with the heart. Some of the more common symptoms like chest pain are much less likely to occur in women than men. Therefore, look for other causes like anxiety. Everyone feels some anxiety from time to time, but this is noticeably greater. If your anxiety is such that it causes you to avoid all activity, you should worry. This may be a symptom of several diseases or syndromes (mental health issues primarily.) Don't go to a psychiatrist first though. See a general practitioner, and ask about the possibility of heart disease. This is especially true if you have a family history, or other symptoms.

When you have any of the above common symptoms of heart disease, see a doctor immediately. There is no reason that yearly checkups should not be conducted. If you have symptoms, it should be more often. There is no real alternative to allowing your physician to make sure you are healthy.

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