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Working late? Slept through your alarm? Have to pick up kids and get them to practice by sometime o’clock?

These things happen. Life happens. And when they do, it can be hard to keep up with a healthy lifestyle… whether its working out, quitting bad habits or something as simple as prepping a heart healthy meal.

But not to worry because just in time for National Heart Health Month, we’ve got some easy-to-follow plans to make your February and beyond heart healthy!

For Multitasking Moms

It’s hard preparing healthy lunch as a busy mom. At times, you might feel obligated to prepare lunch for the whole family. Satisfy everyone’s taste buds with something yummy!

StarKist® Albacore White Tuna is a delicious, low-fat way to help protect your heart. It contains at least 12g of protein and 110 mg of omega-3’s per serving. StarKist® Albacore Tuna is a flavorful way to make any meal deliciously healthy!

Use the tuna to make a protein-filled salad that the family will love. Separate the salad into several containers, and this will serve as your (and their) lunch for the next few days. Bonus: This is an easy meal to prep and its perfect for the whole family, including the kids!

For Hectic Days

It’s time to ditch the quick-make ramen and step up our game! It’s time to go to the grocery store, buy some healthy food and get to cooking on Sunday evening! Whether you’ve got a 9-5 job or know you’re packed with an errand-filled day, you need and deserve a heart healthy meal to keep your engines

Some of my favorite heart healthy lunch ideas include fish or poultry. Proteins such as chicken or tuna are a perfect canvas to work with in the kitchen, from spices and sauces to fun sides to pair with. Mix up your traditional protein routine by setting a theme each week. For example, one week could be Greek and another, Mexican-inspired!

Prepare for the week by cooking up yummy dishes Sunday night, then storing it all in individual containers. Then cook up some rice, steam some veggies throughout the week and voila! You are prepped with some good-for-you meals!

Bye-bye snack machine…

When On A Budget

Eating healthy does not have to break the bank. Produce can be expensive, along with nice cuts of meat.
Our suggestion for a heart healthy and budget-friendly meal starts with buying pre-washed salad mix. Many markets carry small, medium and large bags as well as frozen options.

Split up all the salad into separate to-go containers for the week. Then, decorate your salad with all the toppings you want: croutons, carrot strips, chickpeas, tuna, chicken, etc. The more, the merrier! Don’t dress your salad until it’s ready to eat so the leaves don’t get soggy. And… there you have it!

Keeping yourself and your meals heart healthy doesn’t have to be so hard. By prepping ahead of time and picking the right options, you’re good to go!

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