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heart-healthy-taco-and-grape-salsa-recipe-videoEnjoy heart healthy chicken tacos with this easy and quick recipe! 

Heart disease, obesity and issues with weight has created a widespread epidemic, not just nationally, but globally as well. Heart disease and obesity is real. And, we all need to step up and do something about it. Luckily, February is Heart Health Month. This is a perfect time to revisit our health, our food intake, and our exercise programs. An easy place to start is our diet...

Sometimes, it can be hard to create delicious meals using healthy ingredients, especially when you have children, as we all know they can be picky eater. In lieu of Heart Health Month, we decided to put together some heart healthy recipes. Luckily, these aren't hard to make and they're really easy to incorporate into your weekly meals.


Most people assume while eating on a diet you have to cut “fattening” meals such as tacos and pasta dishes. Ever hear, “If it tastes good it’s bad for you?” Well, that myth is de-bunked with this easy heart healthy taco recipe with grape salsa!

Tacos With Grape Salsa Recipe


  • 6 corn tortillas
  • 2 cups mixed greens
  • 1 lb. cooked shredded chicken
  • Grape juice
  • Salsa (preferably low-sodium)
  • Cilantro
  • 1 lime 

Steps for Creating Healthy Tacos

  1. Heat oven to 200 degrees
  2. Place corn tortillas on a baking dish and put them in the heated oven
  3. Take ¾ cup grape juice and add it to a pan (soup-like pot) on the stove with the flame on medium to high
  4. Combine ¾ cup salsa, juice of a whole lime and a teaspoon of cumin in a measuring bowl
  5. Add the above ingredients to the grape juice heating on the stove and reduce the heat
  6. Cook for about 5-10 minutes until juice becomes a little thicker
  7. Take out tortillas when the salsa mix is done
  8. Add salsa and chopped cilantro to the cooked shredded chicken
  9. Add mixed greens to each taco and top it off with chicken mix
  10. ENJOY!

These chicken salsa tacos are a great alternative to your typical homemade tacos. With this healthy taco recipe, you’ll feel good about eating meals that some might consider “junk.” Enjoy! 

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