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heel-hop-new-workout-phenomenon-videoThis new innovative workout routine has you moving around in your heels. What’s it all about?

When you go to the gym, you’re in your workout clothes, hair is up and you are sporting those comfy gym shoes. What if I told you there was a way to workout with out grunging down? Enter: workout in heels- Heel Hop. 

What is Heel Hop?

Heel Hop is created by Kamilah Barrett, choreographer and fitness instructor, and is a low-impact workout where you sport heels to master weight distribution and improve spinal alignment. It consists of cardio and core strengthening exercises and the latest hip-hop dances. 

With this workout, the creator hopes women will gain a sexier confidence in themselves while losing weight. She claims it is safe for all levels of activity. She also says women will get a leaner, longer lower body, gain cardiovascular strength, get a smaller waistline and toned legs. 

Beauty is pain, especially when it comes to heels! So, maybe working out in them may improve our ability to walk in them and have better balance. But, we all know that wearing heels too often and for too long can be damaging to our feet.

Check out this video to see for yourself what Heel Hop is all about. Head to HeelHop.com to learn more and order your DVD today! Would you try Heel Hop workout system?



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