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A new school year brings with it so much change for not just your child, but you and the entire family dynamic. As busy as life gets, there are ways to help your child succeed in school. For kids to thrive in school, we as parents need to be actively involved in their learning. 

Numerous studies prove that a parent’s involvement in school is more important to success in academics than even the parents’ income or education level.  When we show interest in our children’s school activities and education, our children become more successful in school. They're upbeat and enthusiastic about learning. 

Ways to Help Your Child Do Well in School

  • We as parents can help our kids succeed by actively participating in school and learning activities by volunteering.  Now for some of us, that is not an easy task.  However, we can compensate by paying attention to letters or emails from teachers and assisting our children with homework and regular communication.  And it would behoove us to communicate with teachers on what our goals are for our children academically so we are all on the same page.
  • Be involved and provide rewards in encouraging your child to read.  Reading is the single most imperative way to help your child thrive in school.  Make sure you are reading with your child nightly.  Find out what interests your child and get books on the subjects. 
  • When your child gets home from school, talk about their day.  Ask them about the best and worst parts of their day at school and tell them about experiences you had.  Regular dialogue shows that you care and also teaches them good conversational skills.
  • Keep track and monitor their homework progress.  Put limits on television, video games and computer time.  Help with organization of homework and if your child needs to use the Internet for homework as many do now, help them learn how to use the computer.   Use video games and television as rewards for completed homework.
  • Teach your child that he or she is responsible for results and for their own actions.  Show them that they can work independently.  Provide a quiet, amenable working environment so they can be productive.  Sometimes you may need to let them fail if they don’t do a homework assignment.  Let them feel the pain of a lower grade or reduction of recess time.   This is life.
  • Help your child study when they have a test.  If they do poorly, don’t freak out.  It is only one test score.  If you respond negatively to a test score they will only have more anxiety next time.  Learning how to be a good test taker is a process.   Ask his or her teacher what you can do to help them prepare.

The bottom line is that we need to be enthusiastic encourager's for our children so that they can succeed in school.  This can be hard with our own busy lives, but helping our children in school is a temporary “season” and will reap life-long benefits.

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