By the time your daughter is in high school, she has a full understanding of the uniform game. Help her pick and choose signature items that will make her stand out and embrace wearing a uniform.

The Legwear Lady

Help-your-High-School-Daughter-Create-a-Signature-Uniform6Photo Credit: SockItToMe.com

Is your daughter known for her colorful tights at school? Help her stay true to her style with eye-catching, yet appropriate legwear. Students who wear uniforms often rely on visually interesting socks, tights or leggings, so even though they seem a bit extreme, these are a godsend for teens.

The Accessories Girl

Help your High School Daughter Create a Signature Uniform4Photo Credit: BetseyJohnson.com

Earrings, bracelets, brooches and rings - your daughter is all about it. Let her sparkle shine with some bright baubles. When purchasing them, make sure they are an appropriate size. Jewels too large can be seen as a distraction, and with a uniform, a classic stud can be a beautiful statement piece. 

The Headband Queen

Help your High School Daughter Create a Signature Uniform3

Photo Credit: Cara; The Accessory Collective

Your daughter loves to frame her face with headbands. Thick or thin, sparkly or matte, there hasn’t been a headband she hasn’t worn. If she is a DIY type, make this a mother and daughter activity by creating some unique bands together!

The Lacquer Lover 

Help your High School Daughter Create a Signature Uniform2Photo Credit: GlamRadar.com

On Monday she’s rocking marble and by Friday, she has a floral-inspired manicure. Your daughter brightens her standard uniform with bright and visually stunning nails that are like works of art.

This is a easy way to bond with your child, whether it’s at your favorite nail salon or a do-it yourself night. Also, you will get all of the gossip that you’ve missed during your busy days.

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