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helping-a-reader-reach-her-weight-loss-goalsI’ve always found it important to have an open line of communication with my readers—from anything to lifestyle tips to weight loss advice.

We've all been there. "My arms are fat." "I hate my hips." Well, we're all a little insecure in our own way. I’ve recently been talking with a teenage girl, Liz, who is already struggling with unwanted fat on her sides and back. Are you saying, "Me too!?" Well, I have a solution... 

What are you doing wrong in your weight loss routine?

Right now she’s a size 10, but wants to be in shape for her winter vacation—don’t we all race to bikini season?! While she is far from overweight, I still think it’s important for everyone to be healthy and comfortable in their own body, so I decided to help Liz out.
SALADAt this point, Liz eats around 1400 calories per day and spends at least an hour working out. Her meals typically consist of cereal for breakfast, a salad or wrap of some kind for lunch, and a more starchy dinner such as pasta or pizza. She drinks fruit juice or pop often as well.
My first piece of advice was when it comes to calories its more quality than quantity. For example, 250 calories for 4 oz of chicken, 2 cups of greens and some salad dressing is much better use to your body than a 250 calorie candy bar or can of pop. Also, the way you spread out of calories throughout the day is important. Eating a majority of your calories in the morning leads to more efficient weight loss than eating the most at dinner. Pumping up your breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day. Instead of a quick snack in the morning and complete feast at night, switch it around.
As far as working out, I suggest to everyone at least 45 minutes of walking a day, or another activity with an equal calorie-burning workout.
I passed these tips onto Liz with confidence they would lead to results. I’ve consulted countless men, women, and even the younger crowd with the same advice, and they watched as the pounds shed off.
Do you have weight loss goals you are trying to reach? Email me at am@andreametcalf.com with your story! 

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