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Help-Your-Man-on-VDayUses these ways to make the holiday easier for your man on Valentine’s Day. I had a conversation with a male friend of mine the other day. In the course of our chat, he told me the one day out of the year that he hated most was Valentine’s Day. How can that be? 

He went on to explain that Valentine’s Day strikes fear in the hearts of many men. They feel pressure to be romantic, get the perfect gift for their partner, and express their love and devotion in a way fitting on this day. For many, this causes a whole lot of stress and anxiety. It's not that they aren't "feelin' the love", they just don't know how to go about showing it.

My friend told me one year he really thought he finally came up with the perfect gift! What was it? A blender and a bathroom scale. In his defense, he knew his wife wanted to start making smoothies and eating healthier and maybe lose a bit of weight. So, to him, this was a thoughtful and meaningful gift that he really thought she would appreciate! His wife didn’t quite see it that way. I admit, I was laughing uproariously and was almost in tears as he was telling me his story.

Tell Him What You Want

Tell your partner what your expectations are! Is a card enough? Do you like to get flowers sent to you at work? Maybe it’s a box of your favorite chocolates or lotion? Is a nice quiet evening at home just the thing? Whatever it is, tell him! Don't make him guess or expect him to read your mind or get your subtle hints. Generally, guys like knowing what we want because it takes the guessing and stress out of the equation. I told my husband long ago that any Valentine’s gift better not have a power cord attached to it unless it was something I specifically requested. I realize that while this may have helped him avoid a faux pas like the one my friend made, it didn’t do much to tell him what I did want!

Be Realistic

We also need to be realistic about what we want. Make it something you know that he can do and afford. Expecting a non-romantic and practical man to suddenly plan the perfect romantic evening or choose just the right gift really isn’t fair. Neither is asking for an expensive gift when you know he may not really be able to afford it.

Appreciate the Effort

Even if their plans or gift don’t exactly seem all that great to you, appreciate the thought and effort that they put into it! Sometimes the biggest ‘flops’ were made with a lot of love and the best of intentions. Remember, sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

For the most part, the men in our lives want to do something that will make us happy on Valentine’s Day. So, why not make it easy for them to do it! Enjoy your time together, because that is what is really important.

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