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You would have to be living under a rock not to know the names Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but they are far from the only names you will have to know in the ballot booth. The spotlight is shifting focus a bit to what is called the down-ballot candidates. For those looking to prepare for Voting Day, we have a new online tool to help you bone up on your local choices.

17900-ballotpedia-logoIn 2007 the online almanac of elections and election laws hit the web as Ballotpedia. The collaborative encyclopedia tracks elections and ballot measures at both the national and the state level. The website includes information about the U.S. Congress, state legislatures and local issues from ballot measures about school bonds to city ordinances.

17900-ballotpedia-ballotsOur favorite part of Ballotpedia is the feature that lets you look up the ballot for your own area, which has everything from the national spots to the local people and issues in your own town. It's a great cheat sheet to prepare for your own voting day.

Ballotpedia is on a mission to provide comprehensive coverage of the over 507,000 elected officials in the United States, the laws that govern every kind of election and the public policy issues that impact all of us.

Sounds good to us!

Website: Ballotpedia

Facebook: Ballotpedia

Twitter: @ballotpedia

17899-HONY-hillary-clintonA surprise appearance by  Hillary Clinton in the popular Facebook feed Humans of New York has people talking. As a former New York senator and current resident of the Big Apple, Clinton certainly qualifies for HONY so that is not the surprise; the story she chose to tell is the shocker.  

The story that Clinton shares is personal, vulnerable and told from a uniquely female perspective, all of which are rarely true for the Democratic nominee for president. 

Clinton tells of being confronted by men while taking her Harvard Law School admissions test. She recalls that one of the men said, "If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I'll die." She goes on to say that the experience taught her to control her emotions.

17899-HONY-comments-2Upworthy.com noted that while the post is interesting and offers a personal look at the candidate, it is the comments section below the post that really paints a picture of the female experience in America.  

17897 political gifts header

Know people constantly glued to MSNBC, CNN or Fox? Do they constantly turn the conversation to the latest poll numbers and what Congress is currently voting on? Whether they're a fan of Hillary, Trump or still feeling the Bern, Womensforum has curated the perfect gifts for the political junkies in your life.

1. Declaration of Independence Tie

17897 declaration tie










Let freedom ring with this important piece of neckwear.

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 2. Donald Trump Father's Day Card

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Make Father's Day great again with this epic card.

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3. Marc Jacobs Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

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Be fashionable and strong in your political beliefs with this special edition Marc Jacobs tee.

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4. Bernie Sanders Brass Copper Earrings

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Be all ears for the Senator from Vermont with these eclectic earrings.

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5. Make America Great Again Tote

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Sport the often-quoted campaign phrase while running errands or on your way to work.

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6. Political Suicide The Card Game

17897 political suicide cardgame 









You and your friends can pretend to be politicians by trying to cover up your scandals while at the same time exposing your opponent's. It's sure to make for an exciting Friday night!

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7. A Woman's Place Throw Pillow

17897 Womens place whitehouse










This pillow is the perfect touch for any home, whether it's 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or a more simple abode.

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 8. Tastes Like Freedom Pint Glasses

17897 tastes like freedom










Drink to freedom and American values with these pint glasses from the GOP.

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9. Epic Presidential Art

17897 ronald reagan poster

17897 dubya poster









Combine your favorite President with machine guns, velociraptors, sharks and more, and you get one of these crazy prints.

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10.  Famous Supreme Court Cases Mug

17897 supremecourt cases winners mug










With 30 famous Supreme Court cases adorning the mug, as soon as you add hot liquid the losers of each case magically disappear. 

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For the first time in U.S. history, a woman is a  presidential candidate for a major political party, and that is one of the least interesting things about Election 2016. The crazy roller coaster ride this election has become is only made more entertaining when you stumble across reporters who are having fun with their coverage.

17898-liz-plank-voxFew people appear to be enjoying the presidential race more than Elizabeth "Liz" Plank. The senior producer and correspondent at Vox.com (and that is just one of her jobs) continually puts her master's in gender and social policy to work creating viral video posts for her presidential election series 2016ish.

It's not just fun and games with Plank, she also writes thoughtful and provoking articles and acts as an expert commentating on modern-day feminism and the millennial feminist. She created Mic.com's award-winning Flip the Script video series, which confronted social issues. 

But it is her wit, humor and unique way of interpreting what she hears on the campaign trail of this tight race for president that we just can't get enough of watching.

You can follow Liz Plank's election adventures on YouTube: VOX 2016ish

Website: Elizabeth Plank 

Twitter: @feministabulous 

Facebook: feministabulous