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17201 TrumpMain

(Photo Credit: Yahoo.com)

Donald Trump has dominated early coverage of the 2016 presidential election. The GOP frontrunner has led the field in headline-grabbing quotes and polarizing comments. His brand is on fire right now; everyone wants to know the latest thing he's said and what he'll be up to next.

The master businessman is fully aware of the power his brand possesses. Donald Trump says he's the reason people have been tuning in to the televised debates, and he isn't wrong. Now Trump is using his notoriety to make an unprecedented deal with CNN. 

Threatening not to show up to the next GOP debate unless CNN forks over $5 million for veterans is yet another marketing ploy that gives Trump another trending spot in social media. CNN stands to lose a lot of viewership if Trump backs out of the debate, which puts them in a tough position leading up to the event. 

As Trump continues to leave the rest of the GOP field in the dust, other candidates are using his brand to give their own campaigns a much-needed boost. Since the frontrunner's appearance as host of Saturday Night Live, lesser known candidates have cried foul. The FCC's 'equal time' rule guarantees candidates will be given equal air time on television, and candidates like Mike Huckabee, Lindsay Graham, and John Kasich have demanded they be given air time on NBC. 

It's pretty clear that Trump is here to stay at this point. His brand is so successful that other candidates are exploiting it to keep their own campaigns above water. If The Donald's success continues to build, the road to November 4 will be one exciting ride. 


When it comes to elections, picking the right slogan for a candidate's campaign is almost as important as declaring the causes a candidate will support. 

First comes the slogan, then comes the T-shirt. To see just how contagious a good motto can be, look no further than “Vote or Die” shirts.

Remember these?  


Photo Credit: 8Ball.Co.UK 

Those are gone, but there is a whole virtual campaign closet full of new offerings in the election-tee swag game.

Donald Trump


Photo Credit: BarToolSports.com

If there is any fashion item that is close to a “Vote or Die” status, it’s Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” ballcap. Although this statement (just like the Republican candidate) is controversial, it’s safe to say that these hats are a trendy item for some.

Hillary Clinton


Photo Credit: Shop.HillaryClinton.com

Hillary Clinton has created a signature H-motif for her branded campaign swag. We predict the most popular will be the Classic “H” Crewneck with a large “H” logo. However, if that’s too boring for Clinton supporters, the Hillary for the Holidays sweatshirt looks like a winner!


Photo Credit: Shop.HillaryClinton.com

Jeb Bush


Photo Credit: Amazon

Republican candidate Jeb Bush made headlines for his peppy, if short-worded, campaign slogan, Jeb! If the former-Florida governor wins the Republican election, his supporters will be sporting this bit of pep in cloth.

Bernie Sanders


Photo Credit: RayGunSite.com

Although there is a variety of funny message tees to show support for Bernie Sanders, this T-shirt takes the cake. The full-on Bernie shirt features headshots of the white haired, wrinkled face of the Democratic candidate. This one has the potential to become a must-have, or at least a collectors item, in the upcoming election.

Kanye West For President


Photo Credit: Amazon

And for those who’d rather not support any of the current candidates, there’s always Kanye for 2020. 

There’s no shame in starting your support early!

For more political fashion, check out WF’s Her Vote '16 

While these shirts are so 2004, there are still plenty of politically-inspired pieces sending a message. 

So, if you’re not so keen on pulling this iconic shirt from the back of your closet or need to begin your election collection, here are some new slogans that have potential reach “Vote or Die” status in the next year.


17200 AIDSReagan

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

As the AIDS crisis escalated during the 1980s, the government and media did a poor job at addressing the crisis head on. A new video released by filmmaker Scott Calonico displays the level of ignorance towards the disease in its early years when it had already claimed the lives of hundreds of Americans. 

The video plays audio from three different press conferences between President Ronald Reagan's Press Secretary Larry Speakes and the media in the years 1982, 1983, and 1984. 

The video shows how the AIDS epidemic was met mostly with homophobic jokes on the part of the White House and media when it first appeared on the scene. Later press conferences show that some research funding was made available, but talk of the disease was still shrouded in lighthearted jabs as the death toll climbed to the thousands. 

The government's failure to constructively and appropriately respond to the AIDS epidemic isn't exactly news, but the audio clips remind us of how easy it is to shrug away the suffering of others and how damaging ignorance and intolerance can be.


Photo Credits: Splash

 17195-grphicFormer Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is now  Hillary Clinton, according to an update given by the presidential candidate’s team. What this means is that when Clinton is addressed in the press, on ballots and in speaking engagements, she now prefers to be called by her first and married name only. 

This isn’t the first time Clinton has changed her name. Early in her marriage to Bill, Clinton kept her maiden name, Rodham. This caused a stir in 1970s Arkansas where former President Bill Clinton was campaigning for governor. Many conservatives were outraged by Hillary flouting tradition and keeping her own family name as a public figure. For Hillary, it wasn’t such a big issue - she just wanted to keep her family name. However, when then Governor Bill Clinton lost a reelection, Hillary modified her name to Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

Hillary’s name began to change once again when she started her first run at the presidency in 2008. Clinton also used her married name more than her three-word moniker when naming her website hillaryclinton.com. Today, Clinton has officially embraced tradition by going by Hillary Clinton. Next up on Clinton's name change timeline? Just plain Hillz.



Photo Credit: Hillary Clinton/Tumblr