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Photo Credit: AP; Bernie Sanders.com; David Goldman; Mandel Ngan/AP 

Now that we’ve profiled the ladies, it’s time to see what the men are wearing! To be elected as president of the United States, it’s a must-have for all male candidates to wear a suit, or is it? Although their attire is not as potentially painful as a female candidate, Carly Fiorino stands in high heels for hours at a time during debates, it is still important to know how these presidential hopefuls attire themselves. Here’s a quick profile of the top male presidential candidates and their politically correct, or incorrect, style. And let’s just say, there are a lot of red ties.

Bernie Sanders


Photo Credit: Carolyn Kaster

Probably not a question that often asked, but we are wondering what Bernie Sanders is wearing. This Democrat candidate often sports small, geometric printed ties and button-up shirts underneath his black suit. He is always sporting some hint of color, whether it’s a soft blue or vibrant red, that adds some hue to his pale complexion. However, as on spot as his style is, his hair is another story. Verging on a Donald Trump-whimsy, Bernie’s wispy, unkempt hair reflects his passion for the candidacy.  

Donald Trump

17109-2Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz

What is there to say about Donald Trump’s fashion choices? Despite wherever he is, he keeps his, unfortunately, signature combover. Among his competitors, Trump favors a more suave approach to his fashion choices and is the only one with a fashion line, of course. He often wears silk, pastel ties with a black suit or at times goes tieless with his shirt buttons loosened at the top. Since his presidential announcement, he has been sporting the conservative must-have item, a red tie.


Jeb Bush

17109-4Photo Credit: AP

Who knew Jeb Bush could be such a rule breaker? The former Florida governor, and now presidential candidate, has forgone the political style rules, a tie paired with a suit, and wears only his button-up shirt paired with some formal pants. Is this Jeb’s way to reach out to the working class, especially after his brother’s controversial presidency? Whatever his reason, Jeb aims to take his casual Floridian style to the White House.


Ben Carson

17109-5Photo Credit: BenCarson.com

Just like his slow speech but fast, fiery reactions, the style of Ben Carson is a variety of styles. Currently, he is recognized for his salt and pepper hair with five o'clock shadow, but his political style is much harder to pin down. At times, Carson favors matching his ties to his dress shirts and then pairing those to contrast with his black suits. During other appearances, Carson sports the traditional Republican color, red, with a classic black suit. 

Marco Rubio

17109-3Photo Credit: Rubio.Senate.gov

Besides his rising status on the polls, Rubio is also known for his fresh-faced good looks. One of the younger candidates on the Republican lineup, he’s only 44, Marco always maintains a good grooming routine with a trendy, yet conservative side-parted hairstyle.

For his attire, Marco is partial to a crimson red tie paired with a black suit and a crisp white shirt. Just like his conservative beliefs, his style never strays from the standard.

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Photo Credit: HillaryClinton.com; Cheryl Evans

It’s not just politics that differ Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina. Although it isn’t addressed during the debates, fashion plays a major part in these political figures campaigns. Just as they are under watch over their beliefs and strategies, the fashion choices of Carly and Hillary are tightly scrutinized. Here’s what you need to know about what they wear and how it can affect the campaign trail.

Carly Fiorina


Photo Credit: Lou Rocco; Glamour.com; NBC

Fiorina is no stranger to looking powerful. Based on her experience as a CEO and political career, Fiorina has mastered the feminine, yet authoritative look.

What makes Fiorina’s style signature is her favoring for leg-baring skirts, high heels and bright, bold colors. Just like her personality, Fiorina’s style is confident and unapologetic. Fiorina is never seen without a chin-length bob, and commonly pairs it with a rose pink lip. Even her beauty routine reflects power; her hairstyle has been referred to as a “sleek execu-bob” and is seen on other high-powered figures like Yahoo powerhead Marissa Meyer.

Since Fiorina is currently competing with conservative figures in American politics, her style faces pressure to conform. Fiorina wears ladylike womenswear, but with straight lines in unfussy colors, with little to none jewelry.  As Fiorina has discussed the expectations placed on her in relation to her male counterparts, she told MSNBC about the CNN Republican debate, “It was a long debate, and I had to do it in high heels.”


Photo Credit: CarlyForAmerica.com

Just as we’ve seen on other political figures, including First Lady Michelle Obama, Fiorina has consciously made an effort to wear American designers. Her favorite choice is the American-based line St. John. Just like Fiorina’s rise to success, St. John began in a garage in the San Fernando Valley into an international company that charges thousands of dollars for just one piece. For example, Fiorina’s cobalt blue suit she wore to the CNN Republican debate cost over $1,700.

Hillary Clinton


Photo Credit: Vogue.com; Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg; Annie Leibovitz For Vogue

Just like Fiorina's style, Hillary Clinton’s fashions also send a message of authority, but in a much different way.

As many have noted, when thinking about Hillary Clinton’s style, pantsuits come to mind. Clinton has favored the look since her days as a state senator and shows no signs of change, except when it comes to color. As the public has watched Clinton during speeches and debates, Clinton has developed a leaning towards royal blue pantsuits.

Unlike her liberal leanings that support change in society, Clinton keeps a uniform when it comes to her appearance that is paired with a bold feminine necklace. Clinton wears minimal makeup that is flattering but unnoticeable and changes her signature blonde bob with either curled ends or a straightened flip.

Just like Fiorina, Clinton has begun to embrace American designers since entering the campaign. During her time as First Lady, Clinton favored the grand fashions of American/Puerto Rican designer Oscar de la Renta but has switched to the clothes of Ralph Lauren. Similar to Fiorina’s expensive clothing from St. John, the Ralph Lauren-designed outfits for Hillary carry price tags in the thousands. However, Ralph Lauren offers clothing at multiple price points, giving a variety of people options to wear the designer.


Photo Credit: Frank Franklin II

From their policies to their shoes, the image of a presidential candidate is always highly scrutinized. So for those wanting to learn more about your favorite, or hated, political figure, just take a look in their closet. 

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