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Two young newlyweds got probably the coolest “guests” to crash their wedding photos!

Young Brooklyn newlyweds Erick and Lauren Fix said their “I do’s” and had some unexpected wedding guests crash their wedding photos. The couple got married on a family farm and as they posed for the wedding photo in front of a forest, a herd of deer appeared in the midst.

These deer are apparently accustomed to being fed at the same time every night, say sources, and head to that spot everyday.

"They were really jittery and then at one moment they all just looked up," says photographer Ian Christmann. "They had a really funny expression on their faces."

The photos got more than 3 million views in just 24 hours, and soon everyone wanted to have an interview with the couple, even though they’re on their honeymoon.

This amazing viral photo reminds us of the recent wedding photo where the newlyweds posed near a tornado, which also went viral. We love seeing these magical wedding photos that give the newlyweds an image of the best day of their life that they will never forget. What’s your favorite viral wedding photo you’ve seen? 

Photo Credit: Catalyst Photography

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