It's hard to say whose beauty game we're more fascinated by - the epitome of girly Barbie or  the sexy and androgynous Ruby Rose from our latest obsession Orange Is The New Black.

Well, with some help from makeup artist Kandee Johnson, you don't have to choose which beauty icon to emulate. In a fascinating 90 second video, the talented makeup artist transforms herself into Barbie, complete with bright blue contacts, black eyeliner and bright pink lipstick. Just wow.

She then does a complete 180 and becomes Ruby Rose by contouring and shading in the actress's enviable cheekbones and nose. We love how she mimics the cool-girl shaved hair that Rose sports in the show.



While we love the detail Johnson puts into that iconic Barbie makeup, this has to be one of our absolute favorite makeup looks of Ruby Rose so far. Plus what she does to her hair to mimic the Aussie actress's cool cut?! Completely genius. 

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